Infographics: Difference between DDR3, DDR3L & DDR3U

Confused about acronyms used in upcoming generations of RAM modules? This infographic helps you to learn these in the easiest possible way.

See the full infographics explaining the difference between DDR3, DDR3L & DDR3U below.

Understanding RAM Acronyms:

What is DDR3L:

The ‘L’ acronym in DDR3L RAM means ‘Low Voltage Memory’. This module can operate at a low voltage of 1.35V. When configured, DDR3L can reduce computer’s power consumption by 15% or more over equivalent 1.5V memory, especially for servers.

Supported Motherboards: Ivy bridge (architecture) and later.

What is DDR3U:

The ‘U’ acronym in DDR3 RAM means ‘Ultra Low Voltage.’ This module can operate at a voltage of 1.25V. When configured, DDR3U memory can reduce computer’s power consumption by 10% or more over equivalent 1.35V memory, especially for servers.

Supported Motherboards: Ivy bridge (architecture) and later

What is DDR3:

DDR3 Memory is a regular module used in computers, laptops, and servers. It operates at a voltage of 1.5V.

Supported Motherboards: All except Skylake (architecture)

Frequently asked questions about DDR3 Memory Module:

Q1: DDR3 vs DDR3L: Which is better?

The acronym ‘L’ stands for Low Volts. This means DDR3L is a low voltage Memory, while DDR3 is a standard voltage RAM.

Now, which one is better?

DDR3 is mostly used in PCs because it is low cost, massively available and can support most LGA1155 motherboards in the market. DDR3L is not available massively available. It can fit in a support built for DDR3, but due to high price people do not opt for this Memory Module. Performance wise, both are the same. Energy consumption wise, DDR3L is better than DDR3U.

Q2: Is DDR3L compatible with DDR3 Memory? Can I use both of them together?

Yes, you can use both of them together. Both the DDR3 & the DDR3L Memory Modules can work in a system. but DDR3L will run at standard voltage i.e. 1.5V. To run it at its original voltage, the DDR3L should be used in conjunction with another DDR3L RAM module in a low-voltage supported motherboard.

Q3: What are the specifications of DDR3U Memory Module?

DDR3U Specifications:

  • Voltage: 1.25V
  • Reduces memory power consumption by about 10% over DDR3L Module.

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