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Should You Upgrade Server or Buy a New One?

Just like a personal computer, the lifespan and performance of a server computer can be increased with certain changes. Upgrade Server can be done easily including RAM, Hard Drive, and Graphics Cards while upgrading other system components (including motherboard and processor) is a complex process. For example, upgrading a motherboard might require a RAM Upgrade as well.  You can find

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Active-Passive vs Active-Active Storage Controllers: What you should know before you buy one

There’s a lot of misconception among IT professionals about the difference between Active-Passive storage controllers and Active-Active Storage controllers. Most believe that the Active-Active storage controllers are superior because they work in unison and are lower priced whereas others prefer active-passive storage controllers for constancy over speed. Let’s start from the beginning i.e. what is the purpose of storage controllers

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How to Choose a Budget Friendly Processor for Servers?

best cheap server processor

Looking for the best Budget Friendly Server Processor? Suppose you are building a server computer for your office: of all the equipment you’ll need, the most important one is the Processor. It is the core of your system which does all the thinking (and processing). But how do you decide which processor do you need, particularly if you haven’t purchased one previously?

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