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X10SRH-CF SuperMicro Socket R3 LGA 2011 ATX Server Motherboard Review

X10SRH-CF SuperMicro Socket R3 LGA 2011 ATX Server Motherboard

X10SRH-CF SuperMicro Computer System Board for Server is a powerful server ATX motherboard that helps maximize performance while dealing with an intensive workload. Technical Review The ATX server motherboard, with its Intel C612 chipset, boosts performance in mission-critical environments such as servers, workstations, and data centers. The Supermicro motherboard features the latest XeonE5-2600/1600 v3 technology that boosts performance and makes

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Different Types of Motherboard Form-Factors, Dimensions & Sizes

I often get confused about the different type of motherboard sizes (form-factors). There are so many motherboard form-factors that one cannot keep record of all of them. But while dealing with motherboards and computer cases one has to keep a track of what type of motherboard he is dealing with so he doesn’t make a blunder. If you are someone like me, who gets

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