100-100000059WOF AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core 3.40GHz AM4 Processor Review

Level up your system’s performance with 100-100000059WOF AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core 3.40GHz AM4 Processor, built with Zen 3 architecture that offers improved performance compared to the previous generation of processors. Technical Review This AMD Ryzen 9 5950X features 16 cores and 32 threads, ensuring faster data processing and transfer. With the powerful Zen 3 architecture, this processor is compatible

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Different Types of Hard Drive

Types of High-Performance Hard Drives

Types of High-Performance Hard Drives Are you looking for a storage solution to store your library of music, pictures, or videos? With a wide range of HDDs in different capacities, form factors, and speeds from the leading brands, Memory4less.com announced exclusive deals and discounts. Hard drives are storage devices that store data permanently, regardless of the power being turned off.

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MZ-76E2T0B/AM Samsung 860 EVO Series 2TB Solid State Drive Review

MZ-76E2T0B/AM Samsung 860 EVO Series 2TB Solid State Drive

This MZ-76E2T0B/AM Samsung 860 EVO Series 2TB Solid State Drive is built with V-NAND technology and robust algorithm-based advanced controllers that help manage workloads efficiently. This 860 EVO SSD Drive offers fast performance with enhanced reliability and extended compatibility. Technical Review The MZ-76E2T0B/AM Solid State Drive stores all kinds of data and applications and makes the data easily accessible to

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M321R2GA3BB0-CQKVG Samsung 16GB DDR5 Registered ECC Server Memory Review

M321R2GA3BB0-CQKVG Samsung 16GB DDR5 Registered ECC Server Memory

This M321R2GA3BB0-CQKVG Samsung 16GB DDR5 Registered ECC Server Memory is designed with a data-centric approach that offers breakthrough performance that is all set to meet the future standards of intensive workloads. Technical Review This DDR5 Memory is built in a way that fulfills the requirements of industries that experience a drastic boost in data. The new level of speed strengthens

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CD8067303533601 Intel Xeon W-2145 8-Core 3.70GHz Processor Review

CD8067303533601 Intel Xeon W-2145 8-Core 3.70GHz Processor 

Technical Review  This CD8067303533601 Intel Xeon W-2145 8-Core 3.70GHz Processor is specifically built for handling intensive workloads efficiently with its advanced features, including Intel’s AES New Instructions, Demand Based Switching, Identity Protection, and Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d) that not only boost the data processing but also ensures that the data remains protected and inaccessible to unauthorized users. This 3.7Ghz

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WD6400AAKS Western Digital Caviar Blue 640GB Hard Drive Review

WD6400AAKS Western Digital Caviar Blue 640GB Hard Drive

High-End Hard Drive for Everyday Computing This 64GB 7200RPM WD6400AAKS Hard Drive is built with Western Digital’s high-end quality standards that add value to your system, boost the performance and minimize the lag in the data processing. The WD Caviar Blue Hard Drive features state-of-art storage technology that makes this storage drive more scalable and reliable. The internal hard drive

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Server Memory Sale on Christmas 2022 at Memory4Less.com

Server Memory Sale on Christmas 2022 at Memory4Less.com

Grab the best Christmas discounts on RAMs, today! Shopping season is not over yet! If you’re looking for an affordable upgrade for your servers or workstation? Look no further! Shop for the best server RAMs from our exclusive Christmas sale at a much lesser price. We’ve shortlisted a few of the best server RAMs that will not only boost your

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Best Hard Drives Sale on Christmas 2022 at Memory4Less.com

Best Hard Drives Sale on Christmas 2022 at Memory4Less.com

Save Big on Hard Drives like never before with Best Christmas Deals Are you looking for reliable yet affordable options to upgrade or replace your storage drive? After Black Friday Sale, Memory4less.com is here with another amazing discount offer on hard drives, including Server HDDs, Desktop HDDs, Laptop HDDs from top manufacturers like Samsung, Western Digital, HP, Micron, and more. 

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Christmas 2022 Sale: Big Discounts on SSD Drives


Drop SSD Prices on Christmas 2022 Sale  Are you looking for solutions to boost your system performance to achieve new productivity levels? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Memory4less.com is here with an exclusive New Year Sale on high-performance solid state drives including NVMe and SATA drives at low prices like never before.  NVME SSD Drives Sale NVMe SSDs significantly

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Samsung Announces LPDDR5X-8500 Memory

Samsung Announces LPDDR5X-8500 Memory

Samsung Introduces Fastest LPDDR5X 8.5Gbps DRAM Memory Samsung electronics is the leading manufacturer of advanced technology globally. Recently, Samsung announced their latest LPDDR5X DRAM chip comprises the industry’s fastest speed that can be used on Snapdragon mobile platforms. LPDDR RAMs are quickly becoming popular with modern computing systems beyond smartphones, PCs, servers, automobiles, and high-performance computing (HPC). The LPDDR5X Memory

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What Is LPDDR (Low Power Double Data Rate Memory)?

What Is LPDDR (Low Power Double Data Rate Memory)?

Understanding LPDDR Memory RAM (Random Access Memory) is the main memory that directly influences the system’s performance. RAM is a type of computer storage that holds data temporarily. It stores the information from a program currently running or from an application’s recently opened file. RAM is volatile, meaning it loses its contents when the device shuts down or when power

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What is a good processor speed and why does it matter?

What is a good processor speed and why does it matter?

Definition of Processor Clock Speed The speed at which the processors receive and translate instructions helps the computers perform multiple tasks by getting them done efficiently. Processor Speed is measured in gigahertz (GHz) and measures the number of cycles that the processor can carry out per second. Several instructions can be completed in a single clock cycle, whereas in some

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Western Digital Announces SanDisk Professional PRO-G40 SSD Drive

Western Digital Announces SanDisk Professional PRO-G40 SSD Drive

New SanDisk Professional PRO-G40 SSD Western Digital Corp. has announced its premium storage solutions as an addition to the professional line with the new PRO-G40 SSD Drive that offers dual-mode compatibility support with Thunderbolt 3.0 and USB 3.2 Gen 2 interfaces. The SanDisk drive comes in two capacities: 2TB and 1TB. It is available for purchase with a five-year warranty

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Difference Between Intel Core i9-13900K vs Ryzen 9 7950X Processors


The battle between Intel Core i9 13900K vs AMD Ryzen 9 7950X Intel has recently launched their 13th Gen Raptor Lake processors featuring 24-cores, followed closely by the launch of AMD’s Ryzen 9 7950X. These highly-competitive desktop processors have led users to find the one that best fits their needs. Hence, it has been proven that the journey to have

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HDTC810XC3A1 Toshiba Canvio Connect II 1TB External Hard Drive Review

HDTC810XC3A1 Toshiba Canvio Connect II 1TB External Hard Drive Review

High-End Portable Hard Drive for Fast Performance Store your photos, videos, and files with the Toshiba hard drives. Enjoy a sleek design in a compact casing with up to 1TB of storage space. The Canvio Basics makes keeping your files easier and more convenient than ever. Technical Overview  Toshiba Canvio hard drives help the users manage and store the data

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SSD7CS2111-480-RB PNY CS2111 Series 480GB Solid State Drive Review

SSD7CS2111-480-RB PNY CS2111 Series 480GB Solid State Drive

Built with MLC NAND flash memory The PNY CS2111 Series SSD Drives are designed for gamers and enthusiasts, offering over-the-edge performance for high-end gaming environments. Here’s a brief overview of SSD7CS2111-480-RB PNY CS2111 Series 480GB Internal Solid State Drive that helps you to  understand how it enhances the gaming experience. The PNY CS2111 480GB SSD drive can be paired with

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ASUS Launches Z790 Series Motherboards for 13th Gen Intel Core Processors

ASUS Launches Z790 Series Motherboards

ASUS ROG Strix, TUF Gaming, Prime Reign supreme with the latest motherboards that feature enhanced memory profiles, overclocking, and support 13th Gen Intel Core Processors. KEY POINTS ASUS features exclusive new overclocking technology that features Enhanced Memory Profile II enables up to 37.5% higher speeds than baseline DDR5-4800. Z790 motherboards feature ASUS AI Overclocking that boosts CPU clocks for both

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Intel Arc A310 Desktop Graphics Card with 6 Xe-Cores and 4GB VRAM Quietly Goes Official

Intel Arc A310 Desktop Graphics Card with 6 Xe-Cores and 4GB VRAM Quietly Goes Official

Superfast Gaming Experience with Arc A310 GPU Intel’s ARC Alchemist A310 graphics card is based on the TSMC N6 node, featuring six Xe cores. Intel has been quite subtle about the release of this GPU, and it was merely spotted on Intel’s official website. It is expected that this graphics card will not appear on retail shelves, including physical or

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Intel Core i9 Extreme Edition Desktop Processors

Intel Core i9 Extreme Edition Desktop Processors

Extreme Level Of Performance The Intel Core i9 Extreme Edition Processors provides stunning performance for desktop computers by offering 18 cores with 36 threads. The Core X-Series Processors are built with Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, starting from 10 cores to 18 cores which is ideal for the extensive workloads and extreme performance needs. Intel Core X-Series Processor Family

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GS728TPP-200AJS Netgear 24 Port Gigabit Managed Switch Review

GS728TPP-200AJS Netgear 24 Port Gigabit Managed Switch

Build a future-proof network with NETGEAR Gigabit Switches Optimize your network with the new generation of ProSAFE Gigabit PoE/PoE+ Smart Switches from NETGEAR, which provides powerful solutions to enhance the efficiency of complex networks. These networking switches are purposely designed for the converged networks where voice, video, data are all carried on a single network platform. Netgear GS728TPP-200AJS Overview Netgear’s

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Difference Between Dual Rank and Single Rank RAM

Difference Between Dual Rank and Single Rank RAM

Single vs. Dual-Rank RAM: Which Memory Type Will Boost Performance? Whether upgrading your server memory or building a new gaming PC, it is necessary to ensure that a suitable memory module is selected to achieve maximum productivity. In this blog, we will differentiate single-rank and dual-rank memory to help you understand the differences between these two types of memory modules,

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M393AAG40M32-CAE Samsung 128GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory Review

M393AAG40M32-CAE Samsung 128GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory

Efficient Way To Boost Your Server Performance Boost your server’s performance with M393AAG40M32-CAE Samsung 128GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory, specifically designed to cater to the increasing demands of high-performing servers. Experts test this memory module to ensure high performance and reliability. This DDR4 SDRAM module features high bandwidth and higher frequency and can deliver high-end performance while consuming less power. Overview

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Best Deals on Solid State Drives in 2022

Best Deals on Solid State Drives From Top Brands

Upgrade to the best SSD for faster speeds and loading times Storage devices have evolved over the last decade with regard to their shape, storage stripes, and speeds, which come with such adaptability that has proven to be one of the biggest upgrades for the computer. Solid State Drives are more than any other core components, making a visible difference

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Best Deals on 32GB Laptop Memory from Top Brands

List of 5 Best DDR4 Laptop Memory Modules

Upgrade Laptop Memory For Improved Performance For the laptops to perform efficiently and be able to cater to high-end applications and software programs, it is necessary Upgrade Laptop RAM, because if the memory is not sufficient it often slows down the system and the user often has to face delays in loading applications. Is your laptop taking longer than usual

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Crucial DDR4 RAM for Laptop Memory Upgrade

Top 5 Crucial DDR4 RAM for Laptop Memory Upgrade

Best DDR4 Memory for Laptop Upgrades One of the most cost-effective, fastest, and easiest ways to improve the system’s performance is by upgrading your Laptop Memory. In case your system has slowed down, installing new memory takes up less than five minutes but ensures instant performance improvement. Or you can also find SoDIMM Memory for Laptop Upgrade. What is DDR4

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Top 5 DDR4 Laptop Memory Upgrades from Top Brands

Top 5 DDR4 Laptop Memory Upgrades from Top Brands

Top 5 DDR4 Laptop Memory Upgrades from Top Brands Finding the right memory for laptop computers can often be crucial. As RAM is one of the most important internal components that enhance the system’s performance as well as efficiency. The requirement of the laptop memory is determined by the kind of applications or the tasks the user tends to perform.

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How Much RAM Do You Need For Upgrade Desktop Memory?

Desktop Computer Memory Upgrades

Speed up your computer by adding more RAM Is your computer running slow or taking longer time than usual to load or process your data? One of the main reasons behind your slow system is the lack of sufficient memory. Upgrade Desktop Memory helps to enhance the system’s performance and speed up computers when processing operating systems and multiple software

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Five Best DDR4 Desktop Memory Upgrades from Top Brands

Desktop Memory Modules

Why Do You Need To Upgrade Desktop Memory?  If you are building a new PC or upgrading an old one. it is necessary to get the right memory module in order to enhance the system’s performance. Here is a brief guide on Memory Upgrade for Desktop System for your system. What is desktop memory?  Desktop Memory or RAM (random access

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What are the different types of server memory?

What are the different types of server memory?

An Overview Of Server Memory Types To perform efficiently, every server or computer system requires sufficient RAM to store and manage its database. Computer Servers often require high-performing memory to be able to cater to intensive workloads and run multiple applications simultaneously. There are several types of server memory designed to process and store data for all kinds of processors.

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Crucial DDR4 LRDIMM Server Memory Upgrades

Crucial DDR4 LRDIMM Server Memory Upgrade

Best Compatible Crucial Memory for Server RAM Upgrades Are you looking for reliable solutions to upgrade your server’s memory? Crucial Memory helps the system with operating applications like cloud computing, virtualization, and high-performance computing (HPC). Servers and data centers often require higher density DRAM modules ranging up to 128GB which facilitates high-performance that goes up to 2666 MT/s. Crucial Server

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Best DDR4 Memory Upgrades for Servers and Workstations

Best DDR4 Memory Upgrades for Servers and Workstations

Server Memory Upgrades for High Performance Computing To upgrade the server or to boost the performance of the data centers, it is necessary to choose the right server memory by browsing through the data for errors and minimizing electrical loads. You can also check Best DDR4 SDRAM Memory for Servers for better understanding of server memory and workstations. What is

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SK Hynix Launched 24GB DDR5 Memory For Cloud Data Centers

SK Hynix Launched 24GB DDR5 Memory For Cloud Data Centers

About SK Hynix Inc. SK Hynix Inc., is one of the top-tier semiconductor suppliers, globally that offers DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory), CIS (CMOS Image Sensors), and NAND flash (flash memory chips) that cater to different requirements of users across the globe. In 2021, SK Hynix Inc. announced that it has shipped around 24 samples of DDR5 Memory, which is

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Best DDR5 Server Memory Upgrades

Best DDR5 Server Memory Upgrades

List of Best DDR5 DRAM for Next-Gen Servers and Workstations DDR5 SDRAM is the latest form of memory that is also considered the next generation of system memory. DDR5 SDRAM promises better performance, extended storage, better bandwidth, and consumes less power. With the increasing demand for storing and managing high-end applications such as AI tools, creative software, 4K videos, images,

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How Much Faster is DDR5 than DDR4 RAM?

How Much Faster is DDR5 than DDR4 RAM

Differences between DDR4 and DDR5 Is your system running out of space? Your system might require a storage upgrade. Here’s a guide to understand the difference between DDR4 and DDR5 and choose the right memory for servers, laptop or desktop systems. What is DDR5? Each generation of DDR comes with newer upgrades and features. DDR5 is the latest memory module

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Top-Rated 16GB DDR5 SoDIMM Memory for Laptop Upgrade

Top-Rated 16GB DDR5 SoDIMM Memory for Laptop Upgrade

What is SoDIMM Memory?  SODIMM stands for Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module. It is a smaller version of the DIMM and commonly used in laptops, notebooks, and other small form factor PCs. Its pinout varies depending on the type of RAM it’s carrying, but most recent SODIMMs have 260pins which are  used to provide DDR SDRAM memory for laptop

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Best DDR4 SDRAM Memory for Servers

What is DDR4 SDRAM Memory? DDR4 SDRAM or Double Data Rate 4 Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory is a type of dynamic RAM that features interfaces with high bandwidth. DDR4 SDRAM has been around since 2014, followed by the launch of the Intel Haswell-E processor and Intel LGA 20111-3 platform which also featured a 4-channel memory controller that supported DDR4 modules.

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What is the Difference Between DDR3, DDR4 and DDR5 RAM?

Difference Between DDR3 DDR4 DDR5

What is DDR SDRAM? Synchronous Dynamic RAM (SDRAM) ensures that data between the CPU and the memory remains in sync. Whereas, in Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory (DDR SDRAM) processes two transfers in one clock cycle. The RAMS, with time and increasing need for storage, has evolved from DDR, DDR2 to DDR3, DDR4, and the latest DDR5. Each

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What is DDR4 SDRAM and How Does It Work

What is DDR4 SDRAM and How Does It Work

What is DDR4 SDRAM? DDR4 SDRAM (Double Data Rate Fourth Generation Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory.) is the type of RAM that comes with high bandwidth making it faster and more efficient for desktop and laptop computers. DDR4 consists of two main form factors i.e., DIMM and SO-DIMM. The form factor is used in desktop PCs whereas, SO-DIMMs is used in

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Difference Between ECC Memory and Non-ECC Memory

Difference between ECC RAM and Non ECC RAM

Best Memory for Extended Data Which memory is suitable for my system, either ECC or Non-ECC? Many users get confused while selecting the right memory for their system. There are certain technicalities that the user needs to be familiar with to be able to make the right choice while upgrading their system. Let’s dive into the technicalities and details of

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Showa Denko Launched Newly Developed HDD Platters for 26TB Near-line Hard Drives

Showa Denko

Larger-than-20 TB hard drives are coming soon A Japanese disk drive media manufacturer Showa Denko K K (SDK), has launched a newly developed  3.5-inch hard disk media (HD media) with 26 terabyte (TB) storage capacity, which is the largest storage drive in the computer industry. HDD platters are the key parts for any hard disk and affect their storage capacities,

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Western Digital Launched 22TB and 26TB Hard Drives

Designed with OptiNAND Technology Western Digital has launched the world’s highest capacity hard drives in the form of 26TB Ultrastar DC HC670 UltraSMR and 22TB Ultrastar DC HC570 HDDs at its inaugural “What’s Next Western Digital Event” in San Francisco. The company also announced a new family of high-capacity solid state drives that deliver unbeatable performance at scale while reducing

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