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Low Voltage RAM vs. Standard RAM Modules: What is the difference?

What is the difference between low voltage RAM Memory and High voltage RAM Memory. Find out in this article.

In this blog, you will learn about the difference between low voltage RAM modules and standard RAM modules. And then there’s the primary question: Which one should you get for your computer system? What are Low Voltage RAM Modules? The low voltage Memory Modules are a newer generation of computer memory. The term ‘low-voltage’ implies that the RAM requires less power (1.25V

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Top 10 bestselling AMD & Intel CPUs (Processors) of 2016-2017

10 best AMD & Intel CPU processors

It is thrilling to see how processors alone have covered so much distance in the past decade. The first dual core processor was released in 2007 and now, in less than 10 years, we have surpassed Core i7 cpu having 4.0GHz speed each.
We now live in an era of Intel’s ‘I’ series cpu. These processors were first released in 2008 with Intel ‘Nehalem’ architecture.

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Active-Passive vs Active-Active Storage Controllers: What you should know before you buy one

There’s a lot of misconception among IT professionals about the difference between Active-Passive storage controllers and Active-Active Storage controllers. Most believe that the Active-Active storage controllers are superior because they work in unison and are lower priced whereas others prefer active-passive storage controllers for constancy over speed. Let’s start from the beginning i.e. what is the purpose of a storage

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Everything You Need To Know About Storage Controllers before Buying Them

Buying a storage controller without knowing the details such as its functionality, speed and limitations can affect the overall performance of the data center. In this guide, we have tried to address all the minute details that would help you make a better buying decision. What you will find in this post: What are Storage Controllers and What They Do?

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25+ Ways to improve home wireless network speed of Router

Best ways to improve home wireless network speed of your Wifi Router: Wireless internet speed can become a huge problem especially when you are doing something important.  Even with the fastest connection and the best equipment in place, things like router placement, channel tuning, and signal strength can have a dramatic effect on the speed of your internet. Yes, we’ve been there

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This Map Shows the Spread of Data Centers against Temperature in 50 States of USA

Do you know that the US alone has more than 800 data centers scattered in each of its 50 states? We tried to find out if there is any direct relation between data centers and the temperature in those states. According to popular belief, the temperature is considered a core factor used to decide the establishments. Surprisingly, we found that data

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What are Red, Green, Black and Blue in Western Digital Hard Drives?

Western Digital is a hard drive manufacturer working on hard drives for quite sometime. The company has been manufacturing multiple nature of hard drives to cater to the masses. It has manufactured special hard drives for gaming enthusiasts, servers, and even a breed for the Eco-friendly information seekers. Let’s get into greater detail and see the major differences of all Western Digital

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