How to Find a Compatible Memory Upgrade for Your System?

Isn’t it frustrating when your computer runs at a turtle’s pace while executing heavy applications? Or when the blue screen appears every so often? And the PC starts to lag way more than it should?

Computer RAM Upgrade

Computer Memory Upgrade

Does it happen every day?

The low-RAM-problem (as I call this periodic disease) is faced by everyone. Some prefer to change the whole system, others go for a cheaper solution to buy RAM Memory for Computer.

How to Determine if Your Computer RAM is low?

Think of RAM (Random Access Memory) as the short-term memory of a computer. A simple rule I use to determine when to buy a RAM module is to examine the heaviest application that I run. If I am going to run GTA V game (the heaviest in my collection at the moment), it is 8GB in size.

Slow RAM Memory

Slow RAM Memory

I will go for high-performance RAM that is 8GB memory or even 16GB memory in size as well.


Because 8GB RAM will allow the whole game to be copied on it when I execute the application. This increases speed as the system will not pause to find parts of the game on the hard disk. It will speed away like a serviced car on a highway. If my Computer RAM is 4GB, the game will lag now and then. The experience will be extremely frustrating and that is the only reason to buy RAM modules.

So if your computer lags, experiences slow-downs and needs a disk-cleanup every day, that means it is tremendously slow.

Check Performance of RAM through Task Manager

On Windows, there is a simple and easy way to check whether RAM is the problem. Just press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously to open task manager utility.

Hop over to the PERFORMANCE window and press MEMORY tab. As is shown below.

You can see I have 8GB of RAM installed and 4.5 GB is in use, which means the computer is not slow. It means I can run a few more applications along with the current set effortlessly.

Note: If the memory graph of your system is touching the roof then it is high-time to get it changed.

You can determine which software is using the most space on the hard drive by opening the PROCESS tab in the Task Manager.

Task Manager

Task Manager

In this image, Google Chrome is taking the most space on the hard drive. But as the PC is only using 42% memory, so I don’t need to replace the RAM module. If your system is using 100% memory and the program using the most memory is lagging, then it will be an indicator for a RAM change.

64Bit or 32Bit System: How these affect the RAM?

A majority of the PC users now use 64-bit operating systems. The Windows 8 & 10 OS are available for 64-bit architecture. Even most Linux distributions are 64-bit – but Linux users already know the difference.  This differentiation is not found in the Mac OS.

32 bit VS 64 bit

32 bit VS 64 bit

A few people may still have the 32-bit OS installed in their computers and this paragraph is especially for them.

How can a 64-bit or a 32-bit system affect RAM choice?

A 32-bit system has a maximum memory limit of 4096MB or 4GB. Thus, a system having more RAM will not be able to work at its fullest. In short, extra RAM will be futile.

64-bit and 32-bit

64-bit and 32-bit

On the other hand, a 64-bit OS will not only handle more RAM but also carry out more tasks than a typical 32-bit system.

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How to Know Your System is 32-bit or 64-bit? (Windows)

Below written instructions help you find out if your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit.

  • First press Windows key on the keyboard
  • Now go to MY COMPUTER
  • Right click anywhere on the computer’s window and select PROPERTIES

A new window will pop-up named “System”. Check the configuration and other basic information of your computer on this tab.

What Type of RAM is in your System? How to find Compatible RAM?

Now that you have determined the RAM is the problem, replace it once and for all. To change the RAM module, turn off the system. Open CPU lid/cap. Take out the RAM.

What Type of RAM

What Type of Memory

See what type of RAM it is. Is it a DDR3 or DDR4 ? The label will tell you.

Use the details to order a new one online. Else, search the model number on Custom PC Configurator designed by and find the right RAM Memory Module.

Difference Between SoDIMM and DIMM (Summary)

Make sure you don’t order a SoDIMM (Small Outline DIMM) desktop accidentally. Users often get confused between SoDIMM and DIMM (Dual in-line Memory Module) when buying memory components. Better be careful than sorry.

SODIMM is commonly used for Laptops and Notebooks. It is compact in size and higher in price. You can upgrade Laptop RAM here.

SoDIMM Memory

SoDIMM Memory

DIMM is for Desktop PCs. The above image is a Desktop SDRAM module. You can upgrade Desktop RAM here.

DIMM Memory

DIMM Memory

Upgrade Computer System Memory through PC Configurator Tool

PC System Configurator gives you the extra liberty while buying RAM. Sifting through RAM modules is easier because all are appearing on a single page. And most of all, these all are compatible with the model selected.

With the help of Memory4Less Configurator you can find the compatible RAM for Computer System by using these steps:

Memory4Less Configurator

  • First note down the series and model number of your system.
  • Go to Memory4less System Configurator page
  • Select Brand>Category>Series>Model
  • On the Model selection page, choose the size of the RAM upgrade
  • Add it to CTO
  • Or, click on ‘Quick View’ and select Add to Cart


  • Shop away.
  • You are done.

Build Configure-to-Order System Online

Configure-to-Order Systems, also called (CTO), are barebones that allow relatively better customization options than a retail PC. They are also extremely cheap.

Interested in building a Custom PC using System Configurator? Build it here.

Search Compatible Computer RAM Upgrade options from Manufacturers:

One comment

  • Yes, it is really frustrating when try to find a compatible DRAM memory or SSD upgrades for your PC. But I really appreciate you guys who explained very nicely when and why and how to use or upgrade your computer ram memory.


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