Intel’s 8th Gen Coffee Lake CPUs may not support current motherboards

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to upgrade your current system using the Coffee Lake CPUs by Intel.

A tweet by Asrock account on last Saturday posted that the Coffee Lake processors by Intel won’t work with current 200 series motherboards.

The 200 series chipsets by Intel include X299, Z270, Q270, H270, B250 and Q250 chipsets respectively.

Intel 8th Gen won’t support current motherboards:

A twitter account holder Evan Jensen asked if Z270 supercarrier will have support to Intel Coffee lake CPUs, to which the Asrock twitter handle replied ‘no,’ as it will not be compatible with 200-series motherboards.

PCmag has also confirmed the news from another of their source outside of Intel, and indeed Intel Coffee Lake motherboards will not be compatible with the Z270 or H270 boards. And that only means one thing, the users will have to shift to another motherboard, and may also have to buy a cooler.

Intel exhibited its 8th generation coffee lake chips in laptops earlier at Computex. The processors are claimed to be 30% more powerful than the 7th generation Kaby Lake.

The current Intel chips will be built on 14nm++ process and as the company has replaced the tick-tock model to the much better Process-Architecture-Optimize scheme, in which Intel upgrades each new model by using the old model architecture, in reference with Moore’s law.

Intel 8th generation processors will include Core i5 and Core i7 processors with TDP of 95watts. The processors will have a turbo boost of 4.7GHz (max for Core i7) on a single core.

But the Intel’s new ruling is out of logic. Where AMD has promised to use the same AM4 model for the next processor launches until 2020, Intel is bent on making new processors which aren’t compatible with the old ones, shredding dreams of an Intel upgrade.

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