KPM51VUG1T60 Toshiba 1.6TB Enterprise Solid State Drive Review

KPM51VUG1T60 Toshiba 1.6TB Enterprise Solid State Drive Review

PM5-V Series SSD Featuring 64-Layer 3D BiCS Flash Memory

This KPM51VUG1T60 Toshiba PM5-V Series 1.6TB Enterprise SAS SSD is built with 3-bit-per-cell enterprise-class TLC (triple-level-cell) technology, ideal for today’s demanding storage applications. The 12Gbit/s SAS SSD is featuring latest generation of 64-layer 3D BiCS FLASH memory allows data centers to effectively handle big data requirements.

This PM5 Enterprise SAS SSD also supports multi-stream write technology to lower latency, better endurance, increased performance and improved Quality of Service (QoS). The PM5 Mixed Use SSD delivers industry-leading performance up to 3350MB/s sequential reads and 2600/s sequential writes speed. The PM5 SSD is optimized for mixed use applications, including big-data analytics, SQL server, HD media streaming, and web servers.

KPM51VUG1T60 Toshiba PM5-V Series 1-6TB Enterprise SSD

KPM51VUG1T60 Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Toshiba
  • Part Number: KPM51VUG1T60
  • Product Line: PM5 Series
  • Drive Type: Internal Solid State Drive
  • Form Factor: 2.5-inch
  • Storage Capacity: 1.6TB
  • Flash Memory: Triple Level Cell (TLC)
  • Interface Type: SAS 12.0 Gbps

KPM51VUG1T60 Key Features:

  • TMC’s latest 64-layer BiCS Gen3
  • Flash™ Memory
  • SAS3 narrow single / dual port
  • MultiLink SASTM
  • 2.5 Mhrs Reliability
  • SIE, SED (TCG Opal), FIPS capable
  • T10 Write Stream support
  • Power Mode Selec

Toshiba is quoted in the press release and stated “Going forward, PM5 Series SSDs will expand its memory and SSD business and boost competitiveness by timely investments responding to market needs, and by development of BiCS FLASH™ and new generation memories.”  If you are looking for convenient way to boost storage performance with reliability, then the 64-layer BiCS Gen3 PM5 SSD is a kind of hardware that you can trust.

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