How To Upgrade HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server P02463-B21

P02463-B21 HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server

World-Class Performance 2U Rack Server Enhanced Compute Density

The P02463-B21 HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server is a 2U Rack Server, delivers world-class performance with the right balance of expandability and scalability. The HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server supports industry standard technology leveraging the latest First and Second Generation Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family with up to a 60% performance gain and 27% increase in cores, 12 Gb/s SAS, up to 20 NVMe drive and 3.0 TB of HPE DDR4 SmartMemory or up to 6.0 TB of HPE Persistent Memory that supports a broad range of compute options.

The server comes with a complete set of HPE Technology Services to easily manage everything from the basic to mission-critical network applications. Moreover, the ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server features significantly enhanced GPU density in a balanced configuration with additional PCIe expansion. If you are looking for a powerful and secure 2U rack server with new advanced features, the ProLiant DL380 Gen10 is the ideal server for Enterprises and SMEs.

HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server P02463-B21

P02463-B21 Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: HPE
  • Product Line: HPE ProLiant
  • Model: DL380 Gen10
  • Part Number: P02463-B21
  • Form Factor: 2U Rack Server
  • No of Processors: 1
  • CPU: Intel Xeon Silver 4208 8-Core 2.1GHz
  • Chipset: Intel C621 Motherboard
  • Standard Memory: 16GB or 32GB (Removable)
  • Maximum Memory: 3TB ECC LRDIMMs, 1.5TB Reg ECC RDIMMs, 192GB NVDIMMs
  • Memory Expansion: 12 Sockets per CPU, 24 Sockets using two CPU
  • Bus Architecture: PCIe 3.0; SSD SATA 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch

P02463-B21 Features:

  • Defend Applications and Data Before Your Server is Built with HPE Trusted Supply Chain
  • World-Class Performance featuring Enhanced Compute Density
  • Flexible Design Making Your Investment Expand As Your Business Needs Grow
  • Industry Leading Services and Ease of Deployment

Front View:

  1. Quick removal access panel 10. UID button
  2. Optional Universal Media bay
  3. Optional Optical drive. Requires Universal Media bay
  4. Optional 2 SFF HDD, requires optional Universal Media bay
  5. Drive Bay 2. NVMe shown (8 SFF, 6SFF+2NVMe or 8 NVMe PCIe SSD optional)
  6. 8 SFF Drive Cage Bay
  7. Power On/Standby button and system power LED button
  8. Health LED
  9. NIC status
  10. UID button
  11. iLO Front Service Port
  12. USB 3.0
  13. Serial label pull tag
  14. Box 3
  15. Box 2
  16. Box 1
  17. Optional front display port (Via Universal Media Bay)
  18. Optional USB 2.0 (via Universal Media Bay)

Internal View:

  1. Fan cage shown with 6 standard Hot-plug fans (High Performance temperature fans optional)
  2. 2 Processors, heatsink showing
  3. Optional HPE Smart Hybrid Capacitor or HPE Smart Storage Battery
  4. DDR4 DIMM slots. Shown fully populated in 24 slots (12 per processor)
  5. MicroSD card slot (Optional Dual Micro-SD option)
  6. Internal USB 3.0 connector
  7. Chassis intrusion detection connector
  8. Optional HPE Smart Array (P408i-a shown) Clear air baffle
  9. (Under) Hot Plug redundant HPE Flexible Slot Power supplies
  10. Connection for second (optional) riser (Requires second CPU)
  11. Embedded 4x1Gbe NIC
  12. Primary PCIe riser, standard (Optional double wide GPU riser)
  13. Optional Flexible LOM slot
  14. X4 SATA ports (1, 2 and 3)
  15. Clear air baffle

Rear View:

  1. Primary Riser. PCI Slots (Slots 1-3 top to bottom, riser standard)
  2. Secondary Riser. PCI Slots (Slots 4-6top to bottom, second processor)
  3. Optional serial port
  4. Tertiary Riser (Slots 7-8). Optional rear 2 SFF HDD
  5. Power supply Power connection
  6. Power supply Power LED
  7. HPE Flexible Slot Power Supply bay 1 (800W shown)
  8. Power supply Power connection
  9. Power supply Power LED
  10. HPE Flexible Slot Power Supply bay 2 (800W shown)
  11. VGA connector
  12. Embedded 4 x 1GbE Network Adapter
  13. Dedicated iLO management port
  14. USB connectors 3.0 (2)
  15. Unit ID LED
  16. Optional FlexibleLOM ports (Shown: 4 x 1GbE)

Upgradeable Parts for HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server P02463-B21 

Memory Upgrade:

CPU Processors:

Power Supplies:

Storage Upgrade

Solid State Drives:

Storage Controllers:

Hard Drives:

Get a free quote for HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server P02463-B21:

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