NE5P106117J9-1061D Palit NVIDIA P106-100 Graphics Card Review

The Best GPU for Mining Cryptocurrency

The Best GPU for Mining Cryptocurrency

This NE5P106117J9-1061D Palit NVIDIA P106-100 is a professional-grade graphics card that is ideal for cryptocurrency mining also for gaming, design and content creation. The GPU is integrated with 6GB GDDR5 192bit memory, as well as a base clock that runs at 1708MHz and Base at 1506MHz in Gaming Mode. Built with high-efficiency components, the NVIDIA P106-100 Graphics Card delivering the maximum hash-rate production at minimum cost.

The mining card has no video output port, allowing it to be used strictly as an additional processor. It can process complex mathematical equations in order to add it to the block for the purposes of cryptocurrency. The P106-100 graphics card is specifically designed for mining Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), ZCASH, and other cryptocurrencies. After the BIOS flash, the card can run very stable at -200MHz core frequency with +600MHz memory frequency using NVIDIA-settings, means amazing performance with incredible power efficiency.

NE5P106117J9-1061D Palit NVIDIA P106-100 Graphics Card


NE5P106117J9-1061D Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer PALIT Micro
Part Number NE5P106117J9-1061D
Product Type Gaming Graphics Card
Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA
Chipset Line GeForce
Chipset Series GTX 1060
Chipset Model GeForce GTX 1060
GPU Clock Speed 1506 MHz
Memory Technology GDDR6
Bus Width 192 bit
Form Factor Plug-in Card
Connectors/Ports DisplayPort, HDMI

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