3TV8F Dell NVIDIA Tesla K80 Graphics Card Review

Dell NVIDIA Tesla K80 Graphics Card Review

The World’s Most Popular GPU

Accelerate your most demanding data analytics and scientific computing applications with this 3TV8F Dell NVIDIA Tesla K80 Graphics Card  which is designed to deliver faster, more efficient compute performance. From energy exploration to machine learning, data scientists can crunch through petabytes of data with Tesla K80 GPU, up to 10x faster than with the CPUs.

Tesla K80 Graphics Card is built with innovative technologies like GPU direct RDMA, popular programming models like NVIDIA CUDA and OpenACC, and hundreds of accelerated applications and libraries.

3TV8F Dell NVIDIA Tesla K80 Graphics Card

A dual GPU board that combines 24 GB of memory with blazing fast memory bandwidth and up to 2.91 Tflops double precision performance with NVIDIA GPU Boost, the Tesla K80 GPU is ideal for single and double precision workloads that not only require leading compute performance but also demands high data throughput.

3TV8F Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer Dell
Part Number 3TV8F
Product Type Desktop Graphics Card
Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA
GPU Model Tesla K80
Memory Size 24 GB
Type of Memory GDDR5
Interface PCI Express 3.0

3TV8F Key Features:

  • 4992 NVIDIA CUDA
  • 24 GB of GDDR5 memory
  • ECC Protection for Increased Reliability
  • 480 GB/s Aggregate Memory Bandwidth

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