A260FM ASUS ATI Radeon Video Graphics Card Review

A260FM ASUS ATI Radeon Video Graphics Card Review

Faster 3D Performance

This A260FM ASUS Video Graphics Card is powered by the ATI Radeon X300SE chipset and packed with 128 MB of video memory. The PCI-Express x16 interface provides higher bandwidth than previous AGP technology and the card includes S-Video and VGA connectors for multiple display options.

Ultra low power consumption and fan-less design makes it an ideal choice for HTPC where cool and silent operation has higher priority. With the advanced feature set, you’ll enjoy a performance punch in your daily work and entertainment.A260FM ASUS ATI Radeon Video Graphics Card

Reduces 66% (for reference only) of electromagnetic interference both given off and received by the card – resulting in a stable signal, clearer screen displays and a safer, healthier computing environment. Add this A260FM ASUS ATI Radeon Video Graphics Card to your PC, enjoy a boost in your video playback, photo editing, web surfing and even your Windows 10 operation.

A260FM Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer ASUS
Part Number A260FM
Product Type Desktop Graphics Card
Memory Size 128 MB
Memory Width 64-bit
Memory Speed 500 MHz
Card Interface PCI-E
Resolution 2560 x 1600
Cooler Fanless
DVI Supported Yes

A260FM Key Features:

  • Chipset ATI RADEON X300SE
  • Support DirectX 11 and HDMI  
  • Integrated with 128MB DDR memory

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