NVIDIA 900-22081-0040-000 Tesla K40 GPU Accelerator Review

NVIDIA 900-22081-0040-000 Tesla K40 GPU Accelerator Review

Built with NVIDIA Kepler Architecture

This 900-22081-0040-000 NVIDIA Tesla K40 12GB GPU Processing Unit Card is exclusively built with passive cooling for providing acceleration to assist computational intensive tasks such as trans-coding video, rendering 3D models, cryptography, and analysis of complex data sets. It features a 745 MHz core which can be boosted (overclocked) by the end user up to 875 MHz, and has 2880 Kepler generation CUDA cores (stream processors) which allow it to perform hundreds of computations simultaneously.

The Tesla K40 GPU Accelerator Card features 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM over a 384-bit memory interface to ensure data moves to and from the processors as efficiently as possible. It also outperforms CPUs by up to 10x with its GPU Boost feature, converting power headroom into user-controlled performance boost. The Tesla K40 GPU would be shipping in the Passive, Active and TTP, SXM form factors with a TDP of 235 W in standard and 245W in SXM form factors.

NVIDIA 900-22081-0040-000 Tesla K40 12GB GPU Processing Unit Card

Tesla GPU Boost

End-user can convert power headroom to higher clocks and achieve even greater acceleration for various computationally-intensive workloads on Tesla K40.

Passive Cooling for High MTBFs

A heat sink cooling system means no moving parts to wear out over time. And since there is no fan, the card operates silently for use in edit suits and other noise-sensitive environments.

Quad Data Rate (QDR) GDDR5 RAM

Because GDDR5 RAM can transfer up to four words per cycle, as opposed to one word per cycle with traditional RAM, the effective data rate is quadrupled, allowing this card to process data transactions as quickly as if it had a 3.0 GHz memory clock speed.

PCI Express 3.0 x16 Support

In addition, this graphics card remains backward-compatible with motherboards using earlier generations of PCI Express to provide extra the bandwidth as a x16 PCI 2.0 slot.

900-22081-0040-000 Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer NVIDIA
Part Number 900-22081-0040-000
Product Type Graphics Card
Chipset Model K40
GPU Clock 745 MHz
Standard Memory 12 GB
Memory Technology GDDR5
Form Factor Plug-in Card
Cooler Type Passive Cooler

900-22081-0040-000 Key Features:

  • 2880 CUDA Cores
  • 12GB GDDR5 RAM
  • PCI Express 3.0 x16 Interface
  • 288 GB/s Memory Bandwidth
  • Supports CUDA and Other APIs
  • 3 GHz Effective Memory Clock Speed
  • 4.29 TFLOPs Singe Precision Performance
  • 1.43 TFLOPs Double Precision Performance

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