Micron 9300 Pro MTFDHAL15T3TDP-1AT1ZABYY 15.36 TB NVMe SSD Review

Micron 9300 Pro MTFDHAL15T3TDP-1AT1ZABYY 15-36 TB NVMe SSD Review

PCIe Read Intensive Solid-State Drive

This Micron 9300 Pro Series MTFDHAL15T3TDP-1AT1ZABYY U.2 Internal Solid State Drive delivers industry-leading sequential write performance with the lowest write latency on the market, to accelerate your data-center to meet the growing data demands of today. It is optimized for read-intensive applications and yields 1 drive write per day (DWPD).

The MTFDHAL15T3TDP-1AT1ZABYY is a 2.5-inch form factor SSD with a capacity of 15.3 TB offers simplified firmware management, expansion to multiple namespaces to accommodate multitasking, and more parallel sessions for single storage devices.

Micron 9300 Pro Series MTFDHAL15T3TDP-1AT1ZABYY Internal Solid State Drive

Accelerate your data center to meet today’s growing data demands

With up to 32 namespaces, Micron Enterprise SSD can easily handle multi-tenancy deployments in hyperscale data center and cloud infrastructures.

High Storage Capacity

The Micron 9300 Pro SSD comes in capacities of up to 15.36TB, which a 40% increase over the previous generation and essentially ties with the most traditional hard drives.


While Micron’s 9300 series puts out sequential performance of up to 3.5 GBps read/write, it’s no slouch in random workloads. These enterprise level SSDs are rated to deliver up to 850,000/310,000 random 4K read/write IOPS and have average read/write latency ratings of 86/11us.

Best-Fit Workloads for the 9300

  • AI/ML/DL Training and Caching
  • Accelerate data ingest and trim test and training cycle times for AI, ML and DL.


  • Increase performance and consistency for better platform transaction rates.

NoSQL Databases

  • Build faster, smaller and more economical clusters at a lower cost.

Large Object

  • Manage and store more blocks, streams and objects in less space.

Small Random Block

  • Find significantly better performance than a hard disk drive, with fewer nodes.

Big Data

  • Bring performance to all four corners of your high- performance stacks. Even the top tier of tiered storage becomes cost-efficient

MTFDHAL15T3TDP-1AT1ZABYY Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer Micron
Product Type Internal Solid State Drive
Capacity 15.36 TB
Technology 64-layer 3D TLC NAND
Interface PCI-Express 3.0 x4 NVMe
Max Sequential Read Up to 3500 MBps
Max Sequential Write Up to 3500 MBps
Read Latency 86 µs
Write Latency 11 µs


  • One Size Fits All
  • Performance Pays
  • Add IOPs to Your Balance Sheet
  • No Read or Write Compromises
  • HDD-Caliber Capacity with NVMe Results

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