Samsung has unveiled the industry’s first 512GB CXL memory module

Samsung 512GB CXL memory module

Enables Data Centers and Enterprise Servers To Scale Tens Of Terabytes With Low Latency

Samsung electronics – one of the leading computer memory manufacturers, has announced the industry’s first 512 gigabytes (GB) Compute Express Link (CXL) DRAM that facilitates advanced CXL, which enables IT systems with low latency followed by highest memory capacity.

Samsung 512GB CXL DRAM Memory Module

With the drastic growth of AI, big data, and meta-verse, the system requires high-performance computing to deal with highly intensive data. However, the traditional DDR RAM is incompatible with dealing with complex tasks. In contrast, CXL is built with (ASIC) CXL controller that helps the servers and workstations to work faster and more efficiently than can process terabytes of data with around one-fifth of system latency.

The excess memory shared between main memory and CXL enables the servers and data centers to expand its capacity to extend storage, enhancing the bandwidth and enabling the terabytes of data to be processed per second. Moreover, the new 512 GB CXL DRAM is the first-ever memory device that expedites PCIe 5.0 interface followed by EDSFF (E3.S) form factor, making it more compatible with next-gen high capacity data centers, enterprise servers, and workstations.

CXL Memory Expansion Solution

CXL Memory Expansion Solution

Further, CXL DRAM is the crucial turning point for future computing that will further facilitate IT systems that facilitate AI, big data, and the metaverse. And as next-gen computing advances and expands, it tends to enhance memory architectures, including software-defined memory (SDM), as claimed by Cheolmin Park, Director of the CXL Consortium at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung also released an advanced version of (SMDK) Scalable Memory Development Kit that facilitates CXL memory supported by the new-gen IT systems.

When Samsung 512GB CXL DRAM Available?

The new 512GB CXL DRAM will be launched in the third quarter of 2022. Samsung plans to make 512GB CXL Memory available for the consumers as soon as the next-gen server platforms will arrive. Reportedly, Samsung is collaborating with the manufacturers of servers, motherboards and global data centers to deliver next-generation memory technologies that can bring more advantages for the IT industry.

What is the cost of a 512GB CXL Memory Module?

The price of Samsung 512GB CXL Memory Module is still not confirmed, but it is confirmed that they will not be available at a low cost. Normally, a standard DDR5 memory price starts from $200 per 32GB SDRAM so that Samsung’s 512GB CXL DRAM would equal up to $3,200 per 512GB memory stick.

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