Myths About Buying Refurbished Hardware Components

Refurbished Hardware Components

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There are certain myths regarding refurbished computer hardware components. Individuals and organizations have certain concerns and doubts regarding refurbished PCs due to the ignorance and lack of complete information regarding these products. However the truth about refurbished computers is far from the decade old myths. For instance, the few major myths and misconceptions common among the organizations are;

  • Refurbished hardware components have comparatively lower configurations than what is required for the organization.
  • These hardware components possess low quality
  • They have basic performance issues

This stigma is not only limited to the corporate sector but has been found to be deep-rooted in the consumer market as well. These myths have been around forever, and some myths are still present and believed to be true and refuse to believe the positive aspect of refurbished hardware.

Following are the most popular myths and the reality behind these myths:

Myth 1: Refurbished computers are efficient for schools/libraries and non-profit organizations

Fact: The refurbished systems, as per the condition, have proved to be efficient not only for individuals but for the corporate sector as well. However, it is true that initially refurbished components were targeted at NGOs and schools so consumers can judge and use them. But these misconceptions have been left far behind and commercial sectors have also adapted to refurbished computer components without any disruptions.

Myth 2: Refurbished computers require frequent maintenance and repairs

Fact: There are trained professionals that ensure that refurbished PCs undergo extensive testing before they are deemed a professionally fit so they are good as new and provide the same results and productivity as the new PCs. However, there are many corporations, NGOs, and schools that have begun to use refurbished computers that rarely require any maintenance or repairs. Therefore, it is necessary that the refurbished PCs are purchased from the right place. The refurbish suppliers are registered with the authentic mediums or sources such as Microsoft and who can also accommodate performance certificates for the refurbished PCs.

Myth 3: Refurbished PCs do not come with any warranty or guarantee

Fact: The refurbished computers belonging to well-known brands usually come with a warranty of at least one year. However, one should only buy the computers from the sources that offer reliable warranty services. The warranty should cover the labor, and parts often followed by replacement of the product in case of any glitches. However, the users, sometimes are required to buy an extended warranty service by paying annual fees which often do not accommodate replacement of the product or cover the parts.

Myth 4: The life span of refurbished computers is shorter as compared to new PCs

Fact: the process of restoration or reconditioning during the refurbishment ensures that the PCs that have been refurbished, work efficiently for at least three to four years without requiring any major maintenance or repairs. Therefore, rest assured, the refurbished PCs do not break down often or multiple times after every few months of usage. However, it is necessary to be mindful of the refurbisher the PCs are being brought from. The best bet for these PCs is to buy from certified/authentic refurbishers.

Myth 5: The refurbished PCs are mostly the PCs that have been pre-owned or are near the end of their useful life

Fact: there is a very small percentage of the refurbished PCs that fall into the category of being pre-owned or the ones that have exhausted their useful life as the majority of these PCs are gently used or new. There are many pre-owned PCs that are in good working condition which may require minor maintenance to enhance the performance, which eventually results in a longer and better life span. Moreover, the products returned to the manufacturers are majorly due to dents, scratches, minor defects, and cosmetic blemishes or they may be upgrading to the new model or do not like the one they owned. However, the refurbished devices in such scenarios are either sparingly/gently used or new. Therefore, these devices are then maintained and repaired and are packed by the manufacturers to release as refurbished PCs in the secondary market.

Myth 6: The refurbished computers possess less configuration than new devices

Fact: It is a fact that the new computers consist of better and latest configurations such as better clock speed, more cores in the processors, better capacity memory, large storage hard drives, and graphic cards. However, it is necessary to be mindful of the differences between having all the configurations and utilizing them as most PCs are used for checking mail, upgrading or making new documents, or surfing the web. The users are not mainly aware of what their device is capable of. Therefore, a high configuration system is designed to cater to highly-intensive workloads and is not required to deal with basic tasks. However, it is rather necessary to have a device that is competent enough to match the requirements of the tasks being performed. This helps the refurbished systems which makes them capable of offering the required computing power at lesser capital expenditure.

Myth 7: Refurbished computers have major built-in defects with the inferior quality of hardware

Fact: In the majority of cases, these computer manufacturers ensure that it’s completely fixed and are certified before offering them on the market. Also, the brands that sell the refurbished storage drives ensure that these devices deliver similar performance as the new devices, the performance and efficiency are ensured by repeated testing by the experts so the quality, and reliability are not compromised.


The myths regarding the refurbished components revolves around them being incompetent, sensitive and are believed to require frequent repair and maintenance. These myths have been around for a long term, however, the narrative of the organizations and individuals have begun to change and have adapted to the truth that the refurbished components offers the same performance as the new devices and comes with warranty and have longer time spans.

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