AMD Zen 4 Flagship CPU With 5.5 GHz Boost Speed

AMD Zen 4 Flagship CPU With 5.5 GHz Boost Speed

Everything we know about Zen 4 Processors

AMD Zen 4 flagship CPU is the new 16-core model that is expected to turn out like Ryzen 9 7950X, which is capable of reaching the speed capacity up to 5.5 GHz with no overclocking required. 

Reportedly, the director of AMD Technical Marketing, Robert Hallock clarified certain details regarding the processor powering the gaming PC which accommodates Ghostwire Tokyo demo at the AMD Computer 2022 Keynote. One of the most noteworthy factors of AMD Zen 4 is the speed capacity of 5.5GHz by default. The boost clock of the AMD Zen4 processor is extraordinary and does not require any top-notch cooling solution. Further, socket AM4 motherboards were used on the test PC platform followed by the cooling solution consisting of a consumer-level AIO liquid cooler.

Further, Hallock and Cutress pointed out that in the prototype model of the AMD Zen 4 chip, the majority of the threads had the same boost speed of around 5.5 GHz, in the same scenario i.e., during the game. Also, the transition from 5.2GHz to 5.5 GHz was one of the common factors among all the threads for Ghostwire Tokyo. 

AMD Zen 4 vs Intel Alder Lake

AMD’s Zen 4 flagship CPU has been making the rounds just with the performance of the prototype that was tested in April’22, however, it is still in progress. 

AMD Zen 4 vs Intel Alder Lake

If we recall the Intel’s recent top processor, Alder Lake, Core i9-12900KS which offered enhanced speed up to 5.5 GHz, the same as what AMD is offering in Zen 4. The major difference among these processors is that of cores, as AMD Ryzen Zen 4 consists of 16-cores, with every single core accommodating the same boost speed whereas i9-12900KS could only get a few cores to work simultaneously at the same pace. 

While analyzing the performance, it is necessary to be clear about all the aspects of the processor. Cuteness further explained regarding the performance that the speed of 5.5GHz is much easier to achieve while dealing with light workloads that do not strain the cores which means that there is less power required per core, but it is still possible to boost the accelerator. 

Therefore, the exact boost speeds are likely to be dependent on how straining or heavy the game is, and how demanding the game gets. that is why it is necessary to take the warnings along with the fact that the taxing game is not expected to be near the levels of boosts as pointed out by AMD regarding the range of boost speed from 5.2 GHz to 5.5 GHz for all cores.

With the potential of AMD Ryzen Zen 4, it is necessary to acknowledge that it has affected Intel’s progress with regard to their latest CPUs. Also, with the release of Zen 4, Intel is releasing their Raptor Lake later this year, which may be before Zen 4 is released. These processors are rumored to have better boost speeds at a higher frequency which may range up to 5.8Ghz followed by the possibility of larger cache developments. 

The battle between the two processors is expected to be an intensive yet different one with the revelations made by the AMD yet. 

When will AMD’s Zen 4 Flagship CPU release? 

AMD’s Zen 4 Flagship has been the focus for the users with its enhanced performance and advanced feature. A prototype for the processor was released in April, however, the processor is expected to be released in September 2022 for the users.

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