What is DDR4 SDRAM and How Does It Work

What is DDR4 SDRAM and How Does It Work

What is DDR4 SDRAM?

DDR4 SDRAM (Double Data Rate Fourth Generation Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory.) is the type of RAM that comes with high bandwidth making it faster and more efficient for desktop and laptop computers.

DDR4 consists of two main form factors i.e., DIMM and SO-DIMM. The form factor is used in desktop PCs whereas, SO-DIMMs is used in both laptops and all-in-one desktop. The DDR4 DIMMs are easy to be added and removed from the RAM slots on the motherboard. Further, these RAMs are also known to consume less energy.

Certain factors that set DDR4 memory from DDR3 and other memory types, for instance;

  • DDR4 consists of a maximum capacity of around 64 GB per module.
  • DDR4 RAMs are power efficient and can operate at low voltages of around 1.2 V
  • The memory has 16 banks, and each group has 4 banks.
  • The transfer rates of DDR4 go up from 17 GB/s to 35.3 Gb/s
  • There are 288 pins on DIMM and around 260 pins on SO-DIMM.

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How Does DDR4 RAM Work?

As DDR4 SDRAM comes in different form factors and works at different levels of voltage, and due to the variations, DDR4 RAMS are not compatible with the older versions of RAMs. However, DDR4 is identical to DDR3 DIMM. DDR4 RAMs have a printed circuit board that is slightly taller, and the pins have increased to 288. The connectors on DDR4 have a “V-shaped” contour to help with mounting. Furthermore, DDR4 is designed to cater to processing high capacities at higher speeds, and consuming less power, which results in increasing the reliability and durability of the drive.

Benefits of DDR4 RAM

The DDR4 memory module with its advanced features and new upgrades is a lot better and faster as compared to the DDR3 module. DDR4 RAMs also have better clock speeds and help with reducing the overall latency. Moreover, it has a larger span of clock speed and timing followed by less power consumption. Also, DDR4 RAMs are capable of handling heavy workloads and more information without the system getting overworked as compared to DDR3 or any other previous RAM options. It is also considered a better choice for overclocking tests due to its capability of handling more information.

How do I check its compatibility with my PC?

To maintain the efficiency of the system, it is necessary to ensure that RAM is compatible with the system. The compatibility depends on the different types of RAMs that have different locations which impact the installations. For instance, if a motherboard is installed with DDR3 RAM, the same motherboard will not be compatible with DDR4 RAM as the different notch locations influence the correct installation. In this case, getting a new motherboard or the entire new system would be required. Moreover, to ensure that RAM and motherboards are compatible, it is necessary to be aware of the specifications of model specifications.

How to Install DDR4 RAM on a PC?

DDR4 SDRAMs are compatible with PCs with certain speeds, for instance (3200 MHz, 2400 MHz, or 1600 MHz, that are compatible with specific computers. Also, to ensure the compatibility between RAM and motherboard, you can check the model of your motherboard on Windows 10, select the Power User Task Menu, and type “run” then “MSinfo32”.

Installation Steps:

To install DDR4 RAM, follow the steps; below

Step 1: The power cable needs to be removed, and an alternate cable needs to be used to turn on the computer on its side

Step 2: To be able to access the RAM slot through the internal area of the computer, the side panel needs to be taken out. The RAM sticks can be removed by pressing on the tabs holding them in and removing the sticks.

Step 3: The RAM sticks are to be placed again by matching the notches with the gaps in the motherboard and pushing firmly till you hear a click sound. In case, if there is no “click” sound, then you may have to take the RAM stick out and double-check to ensure that it is installed in the right way.

Step 4: Once the RAM kit is installed, close the computer. and restart and reboot. The system is upgraded.

Where can I find DDR4 RAM online

If you are looking to upgrade your system’s memory, Memory4less.com brings you the wide range of DDR4 memory in variations of capacities, and form factors that best fits your system. You can find the DDR4 RAM in the best deals in top brands including IBM, HP, Dell, Samsung, Curcial, Micron and more.

To ensure the system reaches its maximum capacity, you need to choose the right memory that is compatible with your system. Incase of any confusions in selecting the right memory for the system, you can reach out to our memory experts.

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