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Hitachi HGST Ultrastar HE12 HUH721212AL4200 Enterprise Hard Disk Drive Overview

HGST Ultrastar HE12 HUH721212AL4200 Enterprise Hard Disk Drive Review

As technologists develop artificially intelligent systems for driver-less cars, internet of things, digital currencies, virtual reality applications, we are truly in need of high capacity hard drives that can take care of our storage needs. According to, a single autonomous car sends around 25 GB of data each hour to the cloud. That is around 600 GB of data

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Infographics: Difference between DDR3, DDR3L & DDR3U

Confused about acronyms used in upcoming generations of RAM modules? This infographics helps you to learn these in the easiest possible way. See the full infographics explaining the difference between DDR3, DDR3L & DDR3U below. Sources: Kingston, Quora, Tomshardware Understanding RAM Acronyms: What is DDR3L: The ‘L’ acronym in DDR3L RAM means ‘Low Voltage’ RAM. This module can operate at

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Different Types of Motherboard Form-Factors, Dimensions & Sizes

I often get confused about the different type of motherboard sizes (form-factors). There are so many motherboard form-factors that one cannot keep record of all of them. But while dealing with motherboards and computer cases one has to keep a track of what type of motherboard he is dealing with so he doesn’t make a blunder. If you are someone like me, who gets

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Infographic: Build Your Own Server – 5 Fast & Super Easy Steps

Frustrated about how to build your own server PC? This infographic will explain how its done in a few simple steps. See the full Infographic on ‘How to build your own customer server PC quickly’ below. 5 Super Easy Steps to Build Your Own Server – Custom Server Builder from Memory4 less   // How to build a custom server with

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Should You Upgrade Server or Buy a New One?

Just like a personal computer, the lifespan and performance of a server computer can be increased with certain changes. Some upgrades can be done easily including RAM, Hard Drive, and Graphics Cards while upgrading other system components (including motherboard and processor) is a complex process. For example, upgrading a motherboard might require a RAM Upgrade as well.  You can find

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