Catalyst 3750-X Switch Data Stacking Guidelines You Should Know

Here are a few guidelines that need to be followed in order to stack data for the Catalyst 3750X switches.

Catalyst 3750-X Switch Data Stacking Guidelines

Catalyst 3750-X Switch Data Stacking Guidelines

Size of switch and optional power supply

The 1100W power supply module is longer than other modules. For stacking switches, the same power supply module makes it easier to cable the switches.

Length of Cisco Cables

Length of Cisco cables depend on the configuration that you are using for your Catalyst Cisco switches. For Catalyst 3750X switches, a 0.5 meter cable is supplied with the package. However, longer cables can be purchased from our ecommerce store. Just enter the part number of the cable in the search bar and you will be redirected to the relevant link.

Don’t forget to review these recommended settings for rack-mounted switch stacks connected to the XPS 2200.

  1. When using XPS 2200, the XPS switch should be placed at the bottom. One Rack Unit (RU) space should be provided in between the XPS and above switch, as to provide room for cabling.
  2. Connect XPS 2000 with 12-pin XPS cables and rack-mount the switches. If you have the optional 1100W power supply module, first mount the switch before installing the power supply.
  3. The XPS cable should be connected with XPS 2000 and all the stack cables should be connected to the first switch above the XPS.
  4. In the same way connect XPS cables to the second switch above XPS 2000 and connect the stack cables to the next switch above XPS.
  5. Repeat the method until all switches are connected.

Cisco Catalyst 3750X and Cisco Catalyst Enterprise switch stacking works in the same way. To buy Cisco Stack cables or Cisco Catalyst Enterprise switches, visit our ecommerce store.

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