4 Common Computer RAM Problems & Their Solutions

4 computer ram problems

4 Computer Ram Problems

We all face computer problems from time to time. Most of these problems are related to chip-set malfunction and at other times due to computer memory fault.

However, it is not necessarily easy to distinguish between the two.

Here’s a little checklist that’ll help you differentiate easily so you can recover quickly and carry on with your activities without delay.

1. Computer Starts At Random

You are working on your computer and it abruptly shuts down. You stifle a few swear words and restart it. Your work (if it was not on auto-save) is now lost.


This happens almost every few hours. You know there is some problem with your computer, but you don’t know how to resolve it.


There are many reasons for an abrupt computer restart and faulty RAM Memory is one of them. To solve this problem, you need to buy a new RAM chip of similar specification that you are already using on your PC and try it for some time. If your computer runs perfectly with the new RAM chip, you know what your problem was.

2. The Blue Screen of Death

Another deadly computer problem is “the blue screen of death”. The computer shows a blue screen at random and then shuts down. You may have tried to search the blue screen of death on Google, but there are multiple answers to this problem as well.

Blue screen of death


One reason this problem occurs is that the chipset and the RAM chip are not compatible. It is not necessary that the RAM chip is faulty, many a times RAM chips are not compatible with the same manufacturer’s chipsets. This could occur due to many problems and the best way out is to buy a spare RAM and test if that resolves the problem.

3. Frequently Used Files Get Corrupted

Another problem that occurs due to faulty computer memory is that frequently accessed files get corrupted. This is because the file structure slowly degenerates due to faulty RAM chips.


Replacing the faulty RAM chip should solve the problem.

4. Can’t Install New ProgramsComputer Mouse

You are trying to install new programs that were installed flawlessly on another machine, but they are giving out error messages on your computer. This may be because of a computer memory fault. This can also occur when you try to install a new OS.


Whatever is said in above solution will apply to this one as well. Try replacing the RAM chip.

If you are facing any of the above problems and want to try a new Computer RAM chip, you can buy it from www.memory4less.com.


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