RAM Buying Guide: How a Computer Memory Works?

Buy desktop memory RAM online

Buy desktop memory RAM online

If you are someone who upgrades computer memory on a routine basis, you need to know how it actually works.

A desktop computer memory and a laptop computer memory, generally called as the Random Access Memory (RAM), is volatile in nature and stores information for a certain period of time and discards it as soon as the purpose is served or the information is processed.

To explain it a little better, let’s take the example of a super store.

Online Store

Assume that the hard disk drive of your computer is a warehouse that has plenty of equipment available.

However, a customer cannot directly take the equipment from the warehouse for two reasons.

  1. The equipment is hard to find.
  2. He doesn’t have the time to visit the warehouse as it is located far away from his place of business.

Therefore, a mart, where the customer can buy a particular product, will be established near the locality. The mart is very much similar to a computer RAM memory module. It stores some equipment and directly interacts with the customer.

Ram Memory

Computer RAM module, in similar fashion, interact with the central processing unit (CPU).

When a computer is turned on the first time, CPU tells Desktop and laptop computer RAM to keep some amount of information from the hard disk drive. This cycle goes on throughout the operational time of the computer. As soon as the computer is shutdown, the RAM drains out all the information.

But, why do we need Desktop computer RAM module?

Unlike hard drives, which have platters and are magnetic in nature, RAM memory module uses ICs to store information. These ICs directly store information from the CPU and provide it back if and when needed.

A computer without RAM chip will take ages to locate the information from the hard drive thus affecting performance. If it is an old computer, it will not even show OS without RAM installed.

Upgrade Computer Desktop RAM

A one mega-bit RAM memory module.

New computer processors have built-in registers and L2 storages that can run small OS systems without DRAM memory module. But BIOS restricts them from running these, as they were designed a little earlier.

So, now, as you know basic stuff about computer RAM chips, you can buy computer desktop memory or upgrade old computer RAM from memory4less.com.

Image: Wikipedia

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