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This Map Shows the Spread of Data Centers against Temperature in 50 States of USA

Do you know that the US alone has more than 800 data centers scattered in each of its 50 states? We tried to find out if there is any direct relation between data centers and the temperature in those states. According to popular belief, the temperature is considered a core factor used to decide the establishment of data centers. Surprisingly, we

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What are Red, Green, Black and Blue in Western Digital Hard Drives?

Western Digital is a hard drive manufacturer working on hard drives for quite sometime. The company has been manufacturing multiple nature of hard drives to cater to the masses. It has manufactured special hard drives for gaming enthusiasts, servers, and even a breed for the Eco-friendly information seekers. Let’s get into greater detail and see the major differences of all Western Digital

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How to Choose a Budget Friendly Processor for Servers?

best cheap server processor

Looking for the best Budget Friendly Server Processor? Suppose you are building a server computer for your office: of all the equipment you’ll need, the most important one is the Processor. It is the core of your system which does all the thinking (and processing). But how do you decide which processor do you need, particularly if you haven’t purchased one previously?

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