This Map Shows the Spread of Data Centers against Temperature in 50 States of USA

Do you know that the US alone has more than 800 data centers scattered in each of its 50 states? We tried to find out if there is any direct relation between data centers and the temperature in those states. According to popular belief, the temperature is considered a core factor used to decide the establishment of data centers.

Surprisingly, we found that data centers and temperatures do not correlate. A majority of the US data centers are in well-developed states, such as California, Florida, and New York, which have a comparably higher temperature. Also, in states with lower temperatures, such as Maine, Montana, and Idaho, the concentration of data centers is low.

The map shows data centers in states of America and their relation with Temperature

The map shows data centers in states of America and their relation with Temperature

Does Temperature Affect Data Centers? No!

A majority of the US data centers are in California closely followed by Texas, having average temperatures 15.2 degrees centigrade and 18.2 degrees centigrade respectively. It should be noted that the lowest temperature in the US is 5.0 degrees centigrade, recorded in Maine.

Moreover, the temperature in the District of Columbia is said to be the highest, recorded at about 22 degrees centigrade.

No data is available for the number of data centers in North Dakota. However, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, which have bigger land area and comparatively lower temperatures, have only 3, 5, 7 data centers each.

More Data Centers are Found in the Developed States

Most of the Data centers are found in well-developed states of the USA. For example, California has 190 data centers, it being the technology hub. Texas has around 152 data centers, followed by New York (100 data centers in this industrial hub) and so on.

High Population – More Data Centers

Highly populated states are known to have data centers. This negates the myth that cooler regions have more data centers. In most cases, the cooler regions have either less population or they are economically unviable for the sustainability of data centers.

But Why not Cooler Places?

Data centers nowadays have the technology that can balance the temperature and efficiency. For example, HP ProLiant DL380 G7 has built-in systems in place that control the temperature. The system’s ambient temperature is rated between 10 degrees to 30 degrees.

This is one reason that data centers now do not need to be placed in cooler areas. Instead, the right server infrastructure is enough for its long-term sustainability.

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Number of Data Centers in the US states:

Average Temperature in US States:


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