Top 10 bestselling AMD & Intel CPUs (Processors) of 2016-2017

10 best AMD & Intel CPU processors

It is thrilling to see how processors alone have covered so much distance in the past decade. The first dual core processor was released in 2007 and now, in less than 10 years, we have surpassed Core i7 cpu having 4.0GHz speed each.

We now live in an era of Intel’s ‘I’ series cpu. These processors were first released in 2008 with Intel ‘Nehalem’ architecture. Further, processors in the series include latest Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 and AMD processors. All these ranges have further been fragmented into generations having low and high end processors alike.Intel I Series ProcessorsWhile talking about the improvement in processors, one should not refrain from mentioning the tick tock model by Intel that is the base of all innovations in processing chips. The company has always used some kind of model that has kept it on the brink of innovation.

Tick Tock model consists of new technology and new micro-architecture. In every micro-architecture of Intel, tick represents advancement in technology i.e. faster processor, while tock means advancement in micro-architecture i.e. smaller size. The whole ‘I’ series was produced based on the tick-tock model. The model was disintegrated in 2016 and was replaced by ‘Process-architecture-optimization’ model.

Top 10 bestselling CPUs (Processors) of 2016 in USA

Today, we are going to take a look at 10 of the best AMD & Intel processors sold in 2016. The list includes all types i.e. high, mid and low-end processors and desktop, laptop and server processors so readers of all budgets and machines can decide upon their next purchase. Intel’s rival AMD has also made quite significant progress and has become a favorite among gamers. Therefore, our bestselling CPU processor selection of 2016 will include a mix of all.

10 Best Selling Processors in the world in 2016-2017

Processors Cores Threads Architecture Frequency Socket Price
1 Intel Core i7-6700K 4 8 Skylake-S 4.00Ghz LGA1151 View Price
2 Intel Core i7-2600 4 8 Sandybridge 3.40Ghz LGA1155 View Price
3 Intel Core i7-3770S 4 8 Ivy Bridge 3.10Ghz LGA1155 View Price
4 Intel Core i7-3770 4 8 Ivy Bridge 3.40Ghz LGA1155 View Price
5 Intel Core i5-4590T 4 8 Haswell 2.00Ghz LGA1150 View Price
6 Intel Xeon E5-2670 8 16 Sandybridge-EP 2.60Ghz LGA2011 View Price
7 Intel Core i7-950 4 8 Bloomfield 3.06Ghz LGA1366 View Price
8 Intel Core i5-4690 4 8 Haswell 3.5Ghz LGA1155 View Price
9 AMD FX 8350 8 16  – 4Ghz Socket AM3+ View Price
10 Intel Core i3-2120 2 4 Sandybridge 3.3Ghz LGA1155 View Price

1. Intel Core i7-6700K

The first processor in our list of 10 best AMD & Intel CPU processors for 2016-2017 is Intel Core i7-6700K. This top selling CPU is based on a 14nm lithography chip and is made up of four cores and eight threads, having a base frequency of 4.0GHz.

On overclocking, the processor can move up to a frequency of 4.2GHz. It also supports turbo-frequency.

This processor uses the integer ‘K’ that stands for the term ‘unlocked’. In its literal sense, the processor can be overclocked seamlessly.


On Futuremark, Intel Core i7-6700K has a price of $325 and 3D Mark Score of 10530. It ranks the highest on performance scale in this price range.

Furthermore, this processor can support max memory size of 64GB and has Intel HD Graphics 530 installed. It supports both hyper-threading and turbo-boost and is well-suited for motherboards supporting DDR3 and DDR4 memory modules.

2. Intel Core i7-2600

Intel Core i7-2600, codenamed Sandy Bridge, was first made available to the public in year 2011. The processor is a quad-core, and has a bottom speed of 3.4GHz that can be clocked to a high of 3.8GHz. It has an 8MB cache size and a maximum memory capacity of 32GB.


The processor has high potential for multi-tasking and has been tested rigorously for overclocking. It fares better than its competitors from Intel and AMD in the same price range. Available on LGA 1155 socket, the CPU can support both DDR3 and DDR4 RAM modules. A benefit of using this processor is its hyper-threading. This is a mid-range processor that will get most of your work done with ease.

3. Intel Core i7-3770S

Intel Core i7-3770S, codenamed Ivy Bridge, is a desktop processor that was first made available in 2012. The quad-core model comes under mid-level processors due to its price range and core capacity.

Intel Core i7-3770S

It has 4 cores and 8MB of cache having max memory capacity of 32GB. The Core i7 operates at 3.1GHz base frequency, but it can be overclocked to 3.9GHz. The ‘S’ in Core i7 3770S means Performance-optimized-lifestyle model.

The processor has a bandwidth of 25.6GBs and has support for two memory channels. It supports DDR3 memory modules and operates at 65watts.

4. Intel Core i7-3770

Not all processors are built for speed, but Intel Core i7-3770 is one that is. Code-named Ivy Bridge, the processor was first made available in 2012. It is a quad-core model having 3.4GHz of speed. The processor supports four cores and eight threads and a max memory support of 32GB. Considered a faster desktop processor, Intel Core i7-3770 has a cache size of 8MB.


What we mean by faster is that it can run most of the games you install on it.

Though the CPU has 3.9GHz of speed, but users have reported it can be overclocked to 4.30GHz easily. The CPU is lithographed on a 22nm chip and runs on an average power of 77-watts.

Futuremark has rated it 4.5 on performance, meaning the processor can run anything you install in it, that too at max capacity!

5. Intel Core i5-4590T

Developed under Haswell line, the Intel Core i5-4590T is a desktop processor that was started marketing in 2014. The quad-core processor has high multi-tasking potential due to numerous cores and threads installed. The processor’s base frequency is 2GHz but overclockers can easily run it at 3GHz without its disintegration. Supporting 6MB cache and having support for 32GB memory, the quad-core processor works at 35watts of power on base frequency.

Intel Core i5-4590TIt has support for DDR3 and DDR4 memory sizes alike.

The CPU has shown maximum performance on multi-core use, beating all other Core i5 processors in the price range. However, on single-core use the processor’s performance decreases.

It supports LGA1150 socket compatibility.

6. Intel Xeon E5-2670

Intel Xeon E5-2670 is a server processor released in February 2012. The processor is codenamed Sandy Bridge-EP. It is an Octa-core model built for multi-tasking, speed and stability. The intel cpu processor is specific to servers engaged in complex tasks and require multi-threading.

Intel Xeon E5-2670

The CPU supports 16 threads and is based on a 32nm lithography. By 16 threads, we mean it can run 16 processes at once. It has a base frequency of 2.6GHz but can be overclocked to 3.3 GHz, if need be. Usually, server processors are not overclocked because they are made to run efficiently on stock.

Due to increased threads, the processor powers up on 115watts. It supports both hyper threading and turbo boost technologies – much needed stuff in data centers.

E5 2670 has support for LGA 2011 socket, meaning both DDR3 and DDR4 memory sizes can be installed on it. The processor supports 32GB of RAM.

7. Intel Core i7-950

The Intel Core i7-950 is a mid-level processor having four cores and eight threads. The processor has a low maximum memory support in comparison with other Core i7 processors. However, it is considered better for multi-tasking due to its increased cores. Core i7 950 is a finer choice than rest due to its low price and high endurance capacity.

Intel Core i7-950

The processor normally operates at a clock speed of 3.06GHz but can be overclocked to 3.3GHz. The Intel Core i7-950 processor is lithographed on a 42nm chip.

Core-i7 950 processor supports three memory channels and has a memory bandwidth of 25GBs. The processor can run most of the games and software released in past years, as it runs well on single and multi-core use.

8. Intel Core i5-4690

Intel Core i5-4690, codenamed Haswell, is a desktop processor available from 2014. The quad-core model has enhanced potential for multi-tasking due to increased number of cores and threads. The processor has a 6MB cache size – considered above average core-i5 cache size – and supports 32GB of RAM.

Intel Core i5-4690

Core i5 4690 has a clock speed higher than many other i5 processors in the market at 3.5GHz, which just increases its demand. It can be overclocked to 3.9GHz with a heat-sink. Geekbench has score it at 10,357, labelling it far better than other i5s in the same price bracket. The processor has support for two memory channels, DDR3 and DDR4 ram modules. That is why it is one of the Top 10 Intel Processors in the World.

9. AMD FX 8350

If you need intense performance, AMD FX 8350 is your best bet. This best amd processor has eight cores allowing you seamless performance on a budget. Having 4GHz of power, the AMD built can run most multi-tasking operations in seconds. And if that is not enough, this processor can be overclocked to 8.50GHz of speed – suitable for anything you demand from it. It has an average cache size of 8MB – an above average cache size in fastest AMD processors category, allowing you to carry out most tasks through your system alone.AMD FX 8350The CPU can be paired with NVidia graphic cards for witnessing enhanced graphics and visualizations. In tests conducted, the processor maintained a playable frame-rate of 40. Though it’s a mid-level processor but it will run most of the games you want to play. The processor can also be used to run servers, but for heavy tasks such as dedicated serving, it will be sluggish due to its low bus capacity of only 4.2GHz. That is one reason it has made it to the list of Top 10 best AMD Processors in 2016/2017.

10. Intel Core i3-2120

Speaking of low-range processors, Intel Core i3-2120 is suitable for motherboards supporting core i3 models. The processor has two cores, four threads and a clock speed of 3.3 Ghz. Though, not built for multi-tasking, the processor can do well on games and visual software if a graphic card is installed.

Intel Core i3-2120Core i3 2120 supports DDR3 and DDR4 RAM modules alike. As a low-end processor, it runs on 65 watts and has a transfer rate of 5.00 MT/s.

The processor can support hyper-threading, but will catch heat a lot quicker. Therefore, proper ventilation would be required.

Bottom line:

Summing it all up, these are the top 10 processors in the world in 2016. You may have noticed we have missed some top-notch processors from the list especially 5960X and 4790K. The reason is, both of these are high-end processors and having higher price than the one we have already mentioned.

 top 10 processors

We also know that AMD Processor was mentioned only once. AMD processors are mostly used by gaming enthusiasts and routine users (low and high end) prefer Intel more. As our list is for readers from all sides of the spectrum, thus the selection. It can be seen that we have added a server processor as well to balance the list. The Core i3 2120 model was added because most systems were running on Core i3 models and it was one of the best selling i3 processors in the market this year and thus is in the list of 10 best AMD & Intel processors of 2016/2017.

Have we missed anything? Is there a processor that you would like to add to the list? Tell it to us in the comments below.


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