10 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own PC

10 Reasons to Build Your Own PC

Yesterday, a friend came to me for an opinion on buying a gaming PC that he saw at a local mart. He was keen to buy that PC and said the built was ‘just the one’ he was looking for. The only problem was that the PC was around $1,500.

All Reasons of Building a Custom PC Summarized:

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As a thrifty shopper, I told him a straight forward ‘NO’ and asked him to build his own PC. I find it is more beneficial in terms of learning, experience, and money.

People these days do not want to get their hands dirty with building a custom computer system. They think buying a new one will be sufficient for them. But there are many reasons they should go for Custom PC Builder.

Some of those hard-learned reasons are here:

1. Increased Performance for the Same Price

Let’s suppose a new system costs around $1,500 – as was the case with my friend. The system will have 8GB of RAM512MB Graphic Card, 750 Watt PSU, Core-i7 CPU Processor, DVD Writer, Sound Card, 1TB Hard Drive, and Motherboard with 6-USB ports. Even though this system-built is adequate for a generic user, it lacks the components needed for a gamer or a video editor such as a faster graphics card and more RAM or an SSD drive.

On the other hand, this same system configuration can be built at a much lower cost using Custom PC Builder if the user shops independently or searches for the prices on multiple outlets instead of buying it from a single shop.

2. Get High-Quality Components at Low Price

Most regular brand-manufactured computers have low or average-quality computer parts installed in the system in order to make profits on sales. But for white-box PCs, these parts can be purchased at discounted rates from most shops, translating into savings for the user. Besides, you can also pick used parts that are of good quality and reuse them in your custom-built systems. These parts, particularly those in good working condition, may be a little difficult to find but are a good source to save money nevertheless.

For example, a high-quality computer casing can be bought as used from second-hand sellers.  This would not have been possible in a New PC Build where the manufacturer will provide the system with pre-built casings.

3. Considerably Better Cooling

While assembling a computer system, you have the option of adding a quality heat sink, high-powered power supply or a larger PC Case that has more room for ventilation.

The ventilation is needed for running high-performance tasks such as a 3D game or computational tasks in Matlab or any other software.

[su_note radius=”1″]Note: Heat sink is not mandatory while building a PC.[/su_note]

4. More Warranty

Most pre-built computers are available with a warranty of one year. However, if you buy the computer parts separately, the warranty is often prolonged. Some PC parts manufacturers even provide two or three years warranty but you have to keep the warranty cards of all parts in a safe place.

Another benefit of having custom build PC is the ease of sending specific parts separately to the manufacturer for repairs instead of shipping the whole PC. You’ve got something to hold on to.

5. Upgrade Your New System Easily

Pre-built PCs are well… pre-built. They have less space for extra peripherals due to a small PC case. This problem can easily be solved when you’re building your own PC by getting a bigger case for ventilation and the spontaneous addition of parts. The extra room accommodates additional parts or upgraded ones with ease.

Search for computer components through model number by using our PC System Builder.

6. Zero Bloatware

Manufacturers tend to add bloatware (read: useless apps) to pre-built PCs when they are in the manufacturing stage. These software are not of much use but take a sizeable chunk of the hard drive and often run in the background, slowing the processing speed.

You get zero bloatware and no subscription-based protection suites when you build your own desktop computer from scratch.

7. Get to Choose Your Own OS

When building your own PC, you have the option of choosing your own OS. This means you can install any OS you want, provided it is supported by your machine. This is certainly not possible in a pre-built PC where you can only get an OS already installed by the system manufacturer. In a custom-built, you can even jump to a Linux if that suits you.

8. Practical Experience

Building a PC from scratch has its own pros. First, you get to learn all about the components, the best shops to buy them from, their prices and especially the hard part i.e. assembling. Ever thought about getting all this information for free? Practical experience comes in handy, especially when you have a few small problems that need solving. By working on your own gig, these small issues can be solved in a jiffy and can save you tons of dollars.

9. Complete Control

A benefit of a white-box PC is that you have complete control over the system. No bloatware or bulky app is installed on it and you can even get a BIOS update whenever you want. The white-box PC gives you complete control over the system-built.

10. Save Money

It’s a popular belief that if you want to save money, you can get second-hand or used items because they come cheap. Same goes with the computer machine too. However, the only difference is you can save money by building a PC yourself this is not possible with other devices. Where a new PC will cost you around $1500, the PC with the same configuration can cost around $1100 if you make it yourself.

Value Added Point

11. Better Knowledge of PC Components

We all get to learn about building a PC while in our junior years. But none of us have actually made one in real life. By buying and installing computer components yourself, you will learn a great deal about its functionality and form factors. Not only will that help you fix small bugs in the future but also enable you to become the ‘tech guy’ in your community. Whenever someone’s PC stalls, you will be the guy they will approach for help. Talk about gaining fans through intelligence.

Final Words:

There are tons of resources out there on how to build a PC yourself. From Anandtech to Tomshardware forums and other online communities, people everywhere are ready to help you and answer any questions that might come up. If asking questions is not your thing, various videos on the same topic are available on YouTube to help you learn more about building a PC or assembling a configure-to-order system from scratch.

We hope the reasons provided above will boost your morale and lend you the courage to build a Custom PC of your own at the lowest price possible.

Learn more about when and why you need to upgrade your computer or buy a new one.  Find the best upgrades to increase performance.

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If you are unsure where to start searching for the components of your next PC, use this custom PC configurator now.

Happy Computing!


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