Infographic: Build Your Own Server – 5 Fast & Super Easy Steps

Frustrated about how to build your own server PC? This infographic will explain how its done in a few simple steps.

See the full Infographic on ‘How to build your own customer server PC quickly’ below.



How to build a custom server with configurator:

You can buy a computer server with or without a configurator tool. The configurator only helps find compatible parts for it. Compatible computer parts are those that work with your selected computer model.

You can buy server parts such as a hard drive or an SSD for the system without using a configurator. But if you do not know the serial number then there are chances that the drive might not work with the model. That is where a configurator can help you.

You can use a server configurator to search parts for a home server, small business server or a gaming server.

5 Easy Steps to Build Your Own Server PC:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Configurator Tool
  3. Select Your Desired Model
  4. Select Compatible Parts
  5. Checkout

Here are simple and easy Steps To Build Your Computer Server

How can you make sure all parts are compatible?

A custom server builder configurator uses databases to find compatible parts. The parts are programmatically connected with the model number through a dataset and therefore chances of finding an incompatible part are almost zero.

Is Replacement cost of server low?

Another question that buyers often ask about a server PC is whether they should replace its parts when they get old or buy a new server instead? The answer obviously depends from user to user and the condition of the server.

But just for the idea, replacement of server parts is much more affordable than buying a new one.

What is a CTO and how to use it?

While searching computer parts through the configurator tool, you can add these parts to a cart, where you can increase/decrease their quantity. This feature is called ‘CTO’ or Configure to order.

This feature is closely similar to ‘Add to Cart’ functionality but is only limited to Configurator tool.

The configurator tool allows you to make custom builds of servers from HP, Dell, IBM and others. In fact, we have written a guide on HPE Server for Small & Mid-Sized Business to get you started with building one.

If you are unsure about where to start your custom server building journey than contact us right away.

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  • It is very good discussion going on here at your blog. These steps are easy to follow and I yes will follow your given instructions when I will start build my computer system.


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