Which one is better? Intel Core i9 or AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper? Find out.

Intel and AMD war had always remained in existence from when AMD was founded just a year later after Intel. Due to this war, we have benefited from new processors each year. This year, however, the war has intensified, thanks to the launch of AMD Ryzen 7.

AMD launched its new processor for desktops AMD Ryzen 7, and Intel followed suit with Intel Core i9. Both the processors are targeting different systems and had a great difference in price. But still, both CPUs were bring compared with each other by tech bloggers, until recently…

Recently, AMD launched AMD ThreadRipper, a server processor by AMD built on TR4 CPU chip – one of the biggest in world’s history. The processor is not only bigger in size but has more PCIe lanes than Intel. The PCIe lanes of Intel Core i9 processor are 44, while that of AMD Ryzen Threadripper are 64. This means Ryzen can run more peripherals in comparison with Intel, hypothetically.
Of course, Intel Core i9 is no less in performance. It is made of 18 cores and symbolizes 36 threads. In non-tech language, it means you can run 36 applications at once. This means 36 GTA games or 36 Photoshop software all smoothly working, without tampering with the system performance.

On the other hand, AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper has a 16-core process and features 32 threads. It is a little short on threads and cores, but the L3 cache of this processor is much larger than Intel Core i9. The L3 Cache of Intel Core i9 is 24MB, while that of AMD Ryzen Threadripper is 32MB. This means the fetching of Threadripper is much faster as per data. Of course, the official tests have not been conducted so we cannot say anything with surety.

See the infographics below for a possible comparison of both Intel Core i9 and AMD Ryzen Threadripper


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