Blueshift memory could speed up data operations by 1000X

According to its creators are new type of memory chip could speed up data processing by 1000-times faster. This could help significantly in advancing scientific discoveries and research. British computing startup Blueshift Memory claim the new chip may have huge implications for DNA Research, AI (artificial intelligence designs, and drug discoveries.

Social, life and environmental issues like traffic congestions, pollutions in major cities, climate change effects would also benefit as users could optimize their infrastructure and layout designs. Data tailback, and issue that haunts the current memory chip speed and the faster CPU speeds is being already addressed by a prototype chip from Blueshift Memory.

This speed disparity results in the high-performance computers being unable to match CPU and memory speeds and work at their full potential in data-intensive applications and large-scale databases. Solving the data tailback issue would help improve the speed of search engines by as much as 1000 times. In addition weather forecasting and climate change modeling would also benefit.

Peter Marosan, chief technology officer at Blueshift Memory says “Our design… makes everything faster, easier and more effective.”

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