Memory, CPU, Storage Upgrades for HP PROLIANT DL385P GEN8 SERVER CTO 653203-B21

HP ProLiant DL385p Gen8 Server

Built for Performance, Efficiency and Easier Access

The HP ProLiant DL385p Gen8 Server CTO 653203-B21 provides a perfect solution for virtualization, database, and dynamic computing workloads. The HP ProLiant DL385p Gen8 is 2U rack server that features SmartCarrier and FlexibleLOM technologies that will significantly enhance the productivity and maximize efficiency.

The HPE ProLiant DL385p Gen8 Server CTO 653203-B21 supports up to 768GB memory which can be RDIMM or LRDIMM DDR3 memory due to its DIMM slots. This configurable 2U rack server designed with an HPE Smart Array P420i Controller that helps increase the bandwidth and system performance.

HP ProLiant DL385p Gen8 Server 653203-B21

The HP DL385p Gen8 Server is quick to install and deliver flexibility, performance and serviceability. The world’s first 16-core AMD Opteron Series Processor can be installed on HPE’s DL385p Gen8 Rack Server to handle multi-threaded workloads such as cloud computing, virtualization, high-performance computing (HPC), databases and business applications.

Technical Specifications:

Mfr System P/N: 653203-B21
Standard Memory: 16GB or 32GB (Removable)
Maximum Memory: 768GB LRDIMMs, 384GB ECC Registered DIMMs
Memory Expansion: 24 Sockets using two processors, 12 Sockets (3 Banks of 4) per processors
CPU: AMD Opteron
Chipset: AMD SR5690
Bus Architecture: PCI Express; PCI-X; SSD – SATA 2.5-inch 9.5mm; SSD – SATA 3.5-inch
Form Factor: 2U Rack

Key Features:
  • User-Inspired Design
  • 24×7 Active Health System
  • Dynamic Workload Acceleration
  • New HP iLO Management Engine
  • Lifecycle Automation Integration
  • 6 PCI-Express Expansion I/O Slots
  • Smart Array P420i RAID Controller
  • SmartDrive Carriers with “Snap and Go” Rails
Front View:Rear View:
1Quick removal access pane1PCIe 3.0 Slots 1, 2, 3-PCIe 2.0 top to bottom
2Second Intel Processor2PCIe 3.0 Slots 4-6 top to bottom
3First Intel Processor3Power supply 1
424 DIMM slots: DDR3 Registered (RDIMM),
Load Reduced (LRDIMM), or
Unbuffered (UDIMM) memory
4Power supply 1 Power LED
5Air Baffle5Power supply 1 Power connection (with Intelligent PDU communication)
6Hot-plug fans, full N+1 redundancy6Power supply 2 Power connection (with Intelligent PDU communication)
7Health LED7Power supply 2 Power LED
8Power On /Standby button and system power LED button8Power supply 2
9USB connector9Unit ID LED/Button
10Unit ID LED10USB connectors (4)
11Systems Insight Display11Video connector
12Asset Tag12LO connector
13USB connector13Serial connector
14Drive Bays14FlexibleLOM ports (Shown: 4 ports 1Gb each /Optional: 2 ports 10Gb each)
15Optional Slim Optical Bay
(SATA DVD-RW /ROM Optical Drive)
16Video connector

Upgrade HP ProLiant DL385p Gen8 Server CTO 653203-B21

Memory Upgrade:

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