Seagate XS800LE10003 Nytro 3530 800GB eMLC SAS SSD Review

Seagate XS800LE10003 Nytro 3530 800GB eMLC SAS SSD Review

Optimized For Most Demanding Enterprise Applications

This Seagate XS800LE10003 Nytro 3530 800GB SAS Solid State Drive delivers ultra-fast, consistent and easily scalable performance that saturates dual 12Gb/s SAS bandwidth. The drive is providing an effective 24Gb/s wide-port interface along with legacy sign and dual-port dynamic configurations. By removing the storage bottleneck, it significantly improves overall system and application responsiveness and provides consistent low-latency data access, reliably accelerating enterprise and cloud storage systems.

The Nytro 3000 SSD deliver the highest levels of reliability, data integrity and data security for missioncritical enterprise applications. The eMLC SAS SSD is integrated with full internal and external data path protection (T10 DIF), Seagate’s advanced ECC algorithms, media lifecycle management, and other techniques for extending flash memory life.

Seagate XS800LE10003 Nytro 3530 800GB eMLC SAS 12Gbps Light Endurance Internal Solid State Drive

The Seagate Nytro 3530 SSD is the next generation high-capacity SAS SSDs designed with multiple endurance offerings optimized for demanding enterprise applications and improved TCO. The drive also enables lower TCO by offering four endurance categories to match cost and performance requirements of all enterprise workloads.

The Nytro 3000 SSD maintains high data integrity to help prevent loss of user data in the event of unexpected power interruptions. The Nytro 3000 SSD family implements security features to prevent unauthorized access to a drive and safeguards stored data with three levels of security, including Secure Downloads & Diagnostics, TCG-compliant Self-Encrypting Drive and FIPS drive.

XS800LE10003 Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer Seagate
Part Number XS800LE10003
Series Nytro 3530
Product Type Enterprise – Server / Workstation SSD
Storage Capacity 800 GB
MAX Read Transfer Rate 2.05 GB/s
MAX Write Transfer Rate 1.67 GB/s
Drive Interface  520 MB/s
Drive Interface SAS
Interface Type 12Gb/s SAS
Drive Type Internal

XS800LE10003 Key Features:

  • Ultra-fast performance of up to 2100MB/s
  • Dual-port and wide-port 12Gb/s SAS interface
  • Industry-leading storage density range up to 15TB
  • Endurance options for a wide range of enterprise workloads

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