Best DDR4 SDRAM Memory for Servers

What is DDR4 SDRAM Memory?

DDR4 SDRAM or Double Data Rate 4 Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory is a type of dynamic RAM that features interfaces with high bandwidth. DDR4 SDRAM has been around since 2014, followed by the launch of the Intel Haswell-E processor and Intel LGA 20111-3 platform which also featured a 4-channel memory controller that supported DDR4 modules. However, DDR4 Memory remains incompatible with any of the previous RAMs due to its different signaling voltage and interface. The DDR4 module consists of the taller circuit board and the pin count has gone up to 288, as compared to DDR2 and DDR3. The notch that ensures the correct placement of DIMM is also placed at a different place. The connector is in the form of a slight “V” which helps with mounting the drive. Moreover, DDR4 SDRAM offers higher speed and extended storage capacity and consumes less power.

DDR4 Functionality:


DDR4 SDRAM is best known for its fast speed and extended storage capacities. It consists of an 8n prefetch followed by a parallel bank. However, the memory is aligned in 16 banks, further divided into four bank groups, and all four banks have a bank group each. The bank address that is requested is placed in memory using row and column addresses. Also, the page consists of a specific address that includes bank group, row addresses, and bank. Therefore, the total number of columns in a row is known as the page size. And in order to further increase the data rate without any changes in burst length, it makes the rank architecture difficult.

Why upgrade DDR3 to DDR4 SDRAM

One of the biggest confusion the users have is whether they should upgrade the RAM from DDR3 to DDR4? to make a better choice for your system, it is necessary to consider several factors. For instance; DDR3 has a 240-pin design whereas DDR4 RAM comes with a 288-pin design, which results in higher bandwidth. Another factor that is to be considered is the compatibility of RAM with the system. As the DDR3 slot on the motherboard cannot be used for DDR4 RAM. There are many processors that do not support DDR4 RAM, but there are several processors like Intel Skylane that only support DDR4 RAMs. Also, the motherboards usually that were released before 2014 do not support DDR3 RAMs. Another important factor to consider is memory capacity. DDR3 RAMs consist of memory capacity ranging from 1GB to 8GB for 16GB DIMMs whereas, DDR4 has a memory capacity that starts from 2GB and more. Moreover, the clock speed for DDR4 usually ranges from 800MHz to 2133MHz, whereas, the DDR4 clock speed begins from 1333MHz with no maximum value defined. Further, DDR4 is also known to be more power-efficient in that it can operate at low voltages like 1.05V whereas, DDr3 RAM can operate at the minimum voltage of 1.35V. As far as the pricing is concerned DDR4 is more expensive than DDR3.

How to improve server performance?

When the improvement and up-gradation of the server are concerned, DDR4 SDRAM is considered the best option that not only offers enhanced performance but also extended server memory that can cater to large amounts of data with fewer chances of data or device damage. Further, these drives consist of the latest robust control features followed by data transfer speed ranging up to 3200 MT/s while catering to intensive workloads in cases such as micro-server, workstations, enterprise servers, and other data-intensive platforms. Moreover, DDR4 also helps with strengthening the signal integrity followed by the data transmission and access stability through advanced features like CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check), DBI (Data Bus Inversion), and  CA parity.

Best Deals on DDR4 SDRAM Memory for Servers

Is your server in need of a memory upgrade? Look, no further! brings you the best DDR4 SDRAM in exclusive deals that helps with improving the server performance as well as the storage capacity. You can find a wide range of DDR4 in top brands including Samsung, Cisco, Hynix, Micron, Dell, and many more available in different variations of data transfer rates, cycle time, bus speed, and form factors that best suit your servers.

If you are still concerned about whether you made the right choice, then please consult our memory experts to assist you in choosing the Best DDR4 Memory for servers!

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