Top-Rated 16GB DDR5 SoDIMM Memory for Laptop Upgrade

Top-Rated 16GB DDR5 SoDIMM Memory for Laptop Upgrade

What is SoDIMM Memory? 

SODIMM stands for Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module. It is a smaller version of the DIMM and commonly used in laptops, notebooks, and other small form factor PCs. Its pinout varies depending on the type of RAM it’s carrying, but most recent SODIMMs have 260pins which are  used to provide DDR SDRAM memory for laptop computers.

SO-DIMMs can easily be identified through their size which is usually around 2.5 inches, which is half the size of regular DIMMs which is around 5-inches. As far as small size is concerned, it does not impact the level of performance or the storage capacity. These SODIMM memory are manufactured in smaller sizes so that they can easily fit in the laptops or notebooks without any problem.

SoDIMM configurations are:

  • 72-Pin SO-DIMM
  • 100-Pin SO-DIMM — SDRAM (PC-2100/2700)/EDO/firmware
  • 144-Pin SO-DIMM — SDRAM (PC-66/100/133/)/EDO
  • 200-Pin SO-DIMM — SDRAM (PC-2100/2700/3200) (PC2-3200/4200/5300/6400)
  • 204-Pin SO-DIMM — SDRAM (PC3-8500/10666)

Let’s dive in the details of Top-Rated 16GB DDR5 SoDIMM Memory for Laptop Upgrade

What is DDR5 SoDIMM? 

The market for 5G has grown rapidly which is needed for enhancing the processing speed that is offered by the latest products such as DDR5. Further, these drives provide high bandwidth to cater to industrial memory and applications such as AIot, data centers, and machine learning. In September 2021, Apacer released DDR5 SoDIMM which consumes less heat and saves more power which makes DDR5 a better choice for the servers. The transfer rates for DDR5 SODIMM feature the transfer rate up to 1800MHz followed by the latest 1znm 16GB DDR5 IC. Following are the few top DDR5 SoDIMM;

KVR48S40BS8-16 Kingston 16GB PC5-38400 DDR5-4800MHz SoDIMM Memory

KVR48S40BS8-16 Kingston 16GB PC5-38400 DDR5-4800MHz non-ECC Unbuffered CL40 262-Pin SoDIMM Memory offers data transfer speed ranging up to 4800 MHz, which is around 50% of the bandwidth of the previous DDR modules. DDR5 is further expected to increase the performance which will range up to 6400 MHz.


Moreover, it consumes around 20% less power and can operate at 1.1 V. Further it features advanced features such as SPD Hub,  Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMIC), DRAM, register, and more than optimizing the performance and helps with enhanced power distribution followed by the storage capacity of 16GB.

CT16G48C40S5 Crucial 16GB PC5-38400 DDR5-4800MHz SoDIMM Memory 

CT16G48C40S5 Crucial 16GB RAM

CT16G48C40S5 Crucial 16GB PC5-38400 DDR5-4800MHz non-ECC 262-Pin SoDimm Memory offers 50% faster speeds than DDR4, empowering laptop users with extreme performance right out of the box. This SoDIMM memory module features a capacity of 16GB, which comes in a configuration of 1 x 16GB, a clock speed of 4800 MHz (PC5-38400), a 262-pin SO-DIMM form factor, operates using 1.1V, and has a CL timing of 40.

M425R2GA3BB0-CQK Samsung 16GB PC5-38400 DDR5-4800MHz SoDIMM Memory

M425R2GA3BB0-CQK Samsung 16GB

M425R2GA3BB0-CQK Samsung 16GB PC5-38400 DDR5-4800MHz non-ECC SoDIMM Memory offers exceptional transfer speed ranging up to 7200 MB/s. DDR5 modules are capable of catering to the increasing demand for catering intensive data workloads. It further comes with burst length from 8 to 16 followed by banks ranging from 16 to 32. Samsung’s 10nm-class process allows the units to shift from 16Gb to 32GB while doubling the chip capacity making one module capable of providing up to 512 GB making the system capable of multi-tasking and at the same time catering to huge workloads with scalability. Also, it features advanced features including  ODECC (on-die error-correction code) technology, which makes them more reliable and energy-efficient.

How to upgrade laptop memory? 

If your laptop is running slow then it might be time to upgrade memory. Adding or buying laptop memory does not require any technical skills. First, however, you need to determine how much memory you want to add. But first, it is necessary to ensure that the RAM is compatible with the laptop. The configuration of the laptop is specific with regards to storage capacity, modules, and memory technology for every laptop. every laptop is unique with its specifications. To add the memory to your laptop, follow the steps below:

  • Clear the installation space and ensure that the environment is static-safe, remove the packaging consisting of any papers or plastics.
  • Turn off your laptop, as the data and files are stored on a drive and not on SSD, so they remain unaffected due to the memory upgrade.
  • Disconnect the power cable.
  • Remove your laptop’s battery (if removable)
  • Hold the power button for 5 seconds to discharge any residual electricity. In the case of a non-removable battery, there is no need to press the power button.
  • Open the laptop’s case. (to remember the right placements of the cables and screws, you can take pictures from your phone or refer to the user manual).
  • Touch an unpainted metal surface, which is an extra precautionary step that prevents the system memory and components from being damaged during the installation process.
  • Now, remove existing memory modules by pulling the side clips from the module to release it from the slots.
  • You can now install the memory by holding the modules by the edges, then place the notches on the module with the slot’s ridge, then evenly, apply pressure and press the module inwards.
  • Reinstall the battery and close the laptop’s case.

The memory is now installed. Boot up and enjoy a better-performing computer that can now cater to highly-intensive workloads.The speed of your laptop computer will increase – depending on the RAM size – after the new RAM has been installed.

Note: The components of the system can easily be damaged by static electricity. In order to protect the system’s components from static damage during the installation, touch any unpainted metal surface on the frame or you can also wear an ESD wrist strap before handling or using internal components.

Best DDR5 SoDIMM for Laptop Upgrade 

Are you looking to upgrade your laptop with the latest memory for uninterrupted data processing? Find the best DDR5 memory for laptop upgrades at We have a wide range of  laptop memory from top brands including Crucial, Samsung, IBM, Dell, HP, Micron and more.  If you still can’t find the exact memory for your laptop computer, please do not hesitate to talk with one of our hardware experts.

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