Best DDR5 Server Memory Upgrades

Best DDR5 Server Memory Upgrades

List of Best DDR5 DRAM for Next-Gen Servers and Workstations

DDR5 SDRAM is the latest form of memory that is also considered the next generation of system memory. DDR5 SDRAM promises better performance, extended storage, better bandwidth, and consumes less power. With the increasing demand for storing and managing high-end applications such as AI tools, creative software, 4K videos, images, and more. DDR5 is capable of dealing with intensive workloads and performs effectively in servers and workstations.

What is DDR5 Memory?

DDR5 memory is the next-gen standard for memory modules primarily focused on enhanced bandwidth and capacity followed by lower power consumption. DDR5 memory offers data processing that ranges up to 6400 MT/s followed by a maximum storage capacity of 128GB. As far as power consumption is concerned, DDR5 can operate at as low a voltage as 1.1V. DDR5 Memory has two innovations in its channel and power supply architecture. The channel architecture now consists of two independent sub-channels per memory module (DIMM) helps with improving memory access efficiency and ensures that it fulfills the requirements for the increasing demands of data centers, enterprise servers and workstations.

Moreover, DDR5 offers higher performance which can cater to high-end applications like sensitive applications including databases, AI applications, medical equipment, big data, and aircraft control systems followed by consuming less power and more storage capacity. Further, DDR5 memory also consists of a new feature i.e., Decision Feedback Equalization (DFE) which allows I/O speed scalability for enhanced bandwidth and better performance.  Therefore, DDR5 is faster and better but it is also more expensive compared to the previous versions of DDRs.

What is Server Memory? 

Server Memory helps with processing data from SSDs (solid state drives) or HDDs (hard disk drives) to the system. However, it is volatile memory, which means that it can only hold data as long as it is connected to any power source, whereas, HDDs store data permanently. Further, the read-up and write-up speed for RAM is better and faster, also, CPUs can easily access the data on the RAM without having to go through HDD for any instructions or data. Also, server memory plays a vital role in enhancing the performance of the system, running out of memory can affect the efficiency of the system. Moreover, these memory modules are available in different form factors including UDIMM (unregistered/unbuffered), RDIMM (registered/buffered memory), and LRDIMM (load-reduced). These form factors offer different types of DIMMS, and number of RAM chips which impacts the performance of the system. Server Memory Upgrades are available in different variations of reliability, efficiency, performance, and cost.

Best DDR5 Memory for Servers and Workstations

DDR5 memory is capable of catering to highly intensive data demands as required by servers and workstations. Following are the few of the best DDR5;

  • M321R8GA0BB0-CQKDG Samsung 64GB Registered ECC Server Memory 


This M321R8GA0BB0-CQKDG Samsung 64GB Registered ECC Memory offers enhanced bandwidth and higher frequencies followed by storage capacity ranging up to 64 GB. This DDR5 SDRAM further consists of a 1x64GB module, and advanced data integrity functions i.e., ECC Memory. The speed for this memory goes up to 4800 MHz. They are super micro certified and promise enhanced performance and better reliability. Moreover, this M321R8GA0BB0-CQKDG is compatible with Dell Alienware Products and HPE servers and workstations.

  • KCP548US6K2-16 Kingston 16GB Kit non-ECC Server Memory 

KCP548US6K2-16 Kingston 16GB Kit non-ECC Server Memory

KCP548US6K2-16 Kingston 16GB Kit (2 X 8GB) PC5-38400 DDR5-4800MHz non-ECC Server Memory is a16GB DDR5 RAM that comes with 288 pins. This server memory offers high-end performance with the data transfer speed ranging up to 4800 MT/s followed by low energy consumption such as 1.1V. Kingston further offers a lifetime warranty on their memory. They are compatible with different processors such as Dell Alienware including Aurora R13, OptiPlex 7000 Tower, Precision 3660 Tower, XPS 8950 Desktop and more.

  • M321R8GA0BB0-CQKMG Samsung 64GB Registered ECC Server Memory 

M321R8GA0BB0-CQKMG Samsung 64GB Registered ECC Server Memory

The M321R8GA0BB0-CQKMG Samsung 64GB Registered ECC Server Memory is one of the best DDR5 RAM that offers fast performance with data transfer speed up to 4800MB/s followed by the storage capacity of 64GB. This dual rank memory consists of 188 pins and offers enhanced security features such as ECC. Further, this memory consumes less energy and can operate at as less a voltage as 1.1 V. This memory module ensures brisk multitasking and fast data transfer.

  • KCP548US8K2-32 Kingston 32GB Kit non-ECC Server Memory 

KCP548US8K2-32 Kingston 32GB Kit non-ECC Server Memory

KCP548US8K2-32 Kingston 32GB Kit (2 X 16GB) non-ECC Server Memory is the dual module DDR5 RAM with a data transfer speed of 4800MHz followed by 288 pin. These high-performing memory operate at a low voltage of around 1.10V followed by a storage capacity of 32GB. The Kingston KCP548UD8K2-64 DDR5 memory engineered with the latest technology for next-gen computing platforms. Taking speed, capacity and reliability even further, this DDR5 memory arrives with amazing features like ECC (ODECC) for improved stability at extreme speeds, and dual 32-bit subchannels for increased efficiency.

  • KCP548UD8K2-64 Kingston 64GB Kit non-ECC Server Memory 

KCP548UD8K2-64 Kingston 64GB Kit non-ECC Server Memory

KCP548UD8K2-64 Kingston 64GB Kit (2 X 32GB) non-ECC Server Memory offers 64Gb memory capacity followed by data transfer speed of 4800MHz. It consists of 288-pins with a low power consumption of 1.1V. This DDR5 memory consumes 20% less power than DDR4 equivalent components at 1.2V. This fast performing memory is compatible with Dell Alienware and HP Compaq PCs including Elite 600 G9 SFF, Elite 600 G9 Tower, Elite 680 G9 Desktop, Elite 800 G9 SFF, Elite 800 G9 Tower, Elite 880 G9 Desktop, Z1 G9 Tower and Z2 G9 SFF / Tower Workstation

Time To Update Servers and Workstation with DDR5 Memory

Are you looking to upgrade your server and workstations? brings the best DDR5 memory from top brands such as Kingston, Samsung, Micron, Dell, HP and more. These DDR5 memory modules are available in several variations of clock speeds, capacities, and form factors.  If you still can’t find the exact memory for servers or workstations, please do not hesitate to talk with one of our memory experts at 1-800-821-3354.

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