M393A4K40EB3-CWEBY Samsung 32GB DDR4 Registered ECC Server Memory Review

M393A4K40EB3-CWEBY Samsung 32GB DDR4 Registered ECC Server Memory

The M393A4K40EB3-CWEBY Samsung 32GB DDR4 Registered ECC Server Memory is designed to maximize the performance in mission-critical environments such as servers, data centers, and workstations.

Technical Review

This Server Memory is specifically built for server systems and is compatible with systems with a DDR4 memory slot. The high-performing memory module delivers fast data transfer speeds of up to 3200MHz that helps with processing and transferring data files without any disruptions, minimizing downtime. With 32GB capacity, the 288-pin memory module can store large amounts of data ranging from files, software, and applications to high-resolution images and videos.

Moreover, the dual-rank memory module features ECC (error-correction code) technology that enhances data integrity and system reliability as it helps detect and correct errors in data storage and transmission, which can help prevent data corruption.

With these advanced features and fast performance, the Samsung Server Memory, with its registered design, helps reduce electrical load and improve stability.

M393A4K40EB3-CWEBY Samsung 32GB PC4-25600 DDR4-3200MHz Registered ECC Memory

M393A4K40EB3-CWEBY Technical Specifications:

General Manufacturer Part Number M393A4K40EB3-CWEBY
Brand Name Samsung
Product Type DDR4 SDRAM
Technical Information Data Transfer Rate 3200MHz
Capacity 32GB
Pins 288 Pin
Bus Type PC-25600
Error Correction Registered ECC
Cycle Time 0.62ns
Rank 2
Voltage 1.2v
Compatible for Servers

Key Features:

  • The 32GB, DDR4 Server Memory, can handle demanding workloads and accommodate large data sets.
  • The module features a registered design, which includes a buffer to reduce electrical load and enhance system stability.
  • It utilizes Error-Correcting Code (ECC) technology to enhance data integrity.
  • It is specifically engineered for server systems, making it suitable for mission-critical tasks in data centers, virtualization environments, and high-performance computing clusters.

About Samsung

Samsung, based in Seoul, South Korea, is a renowned multinational conglomerate offering a wide range of electronics products. As a leading manufacturer of computer components, Samsung excels in producing high-speed, reliable memory modules and SSDs. Their modules are trusted for their exceptional performance and capacity, serving various applications in servers, workstations, and gaming PCs.

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