How To Find The Right Memory For Computer Servers

SERVER RAM: How much should you buy?

The selection of memory for computer server is no easy task. The RAM memory used in computer servers is a lot different from computer memory used in personal computers because servers are specially designed to store data, which, if crashed, can cause a lot of damage to multiple entities.

Before we chose the right memory, we need to know what actually a server memory is. 

Server memory is different from a normal memory in a way that server memory has not only the task of processing information at a faster scale but also to correct that information during the processing period. Due to this ‘double task’ property, many types of computer server RAM memory is slower than personal computer memory. But they are more reliable and are less prone to corruption.

There are two types of computer server memory.

Ram Memory

  1. ECC memory:

Error correcting code memory (ECC memory) is a computer memory that detects and corrects data errors occurring due to electrical or magnetic interference inside a computer system. These type of computer memory are usually used in computers dealing with financial transactions or scientific research and servers that are storing massive amounts of data.

  1. Non-ECC memory:

Non-ECC memory, on the other hand, is a normal computer memory used in personal computers and workstations. These computer memory are designed for speed and do not correct magnetic or electrical errors during the flow of information.

What RAM chip do you need for your computer server?

All computer servers can run ECC & Non-ECC memory chips. However, non-ECC memory are not recommended for them.

Servers are designed to save information, process large amount of data and stay online 24hrs. To achieve these tasks, ECC memory modules are installed in a computer server, as they auto-detect and correct most of the voltage errors.

In short, ECC is the memory you need to look for.

Ram Memory

How much server memory do you need?

Now the second question is how much ECC memory should be installed in a computer server.

Strictly speaking, this depends on the computer server needs. Minimum of 4GB-6GB ECC memory will be sufficient for running SQL program on a server. If it’s a dedicated server for a game, it will need more RAM depending on the number of players getting connected with it.

Similarly, if it is a web server hosting a website, the RAM needs to be in consonance with the active users on the websites hosted on the server. If there are only a small number of users on a website, the amount of RAM required will be low. If they are higher and the website is dynamic, filled with databases, the RAM used will be more.

Ram Memory

Repeating calculations:

  • An office server will need around 4GB of RAM for basic activities
  • A gaming server will need 6GB or more RAM plus a graphic card depending on the game it is going to run.
  • A web server RAM will start from 2GB but will need to be increased depending on active users.

So, there you go. Now you know how much RAM is required for your computer server.

How to install RAM Memory in a Computer Server?

Please follow the below-written procedure to install server memory.

  1. Remove unneeded items from the workspace.
  2. Shutdown the server and remove its power cable.
  3. Discharge remaining power by holding the power button for at least five seconds.
  4. To protect server components from getting static damage during the installation of RAM module, hold an unpainted metal surface.
  5. Locate the slot to upgrade server RAM memory and if it is covered by a fan shroud remove that using the instructions available in the owner’s manual.
  6. Align the notches of the RAM module with the notches of the port and gently push it inwards. Make sure the clips snap back into place before you release pressure on the chip. If more than one RAM slots are vacant, install the memory next to the filled slot.
  7. Once RAM has been installed, replace the server and reconnect the power cord.
  8. Turn on the server and head over to the BIOS to check if the RAM has been properly installed.

Remember, ECC memory chip is the Best Computer Server Memory.

You can RAM online by using the Server Memory Configurator available on our website.

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