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AI Driven 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

AI Driven 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

The Most Advanced CPU for AI Workloads and High Performance Computing After the release of second-generation Xeon Scalable processors, now Intel is officially introducing its 3rd Generation Xeon Scalable Processors family. These high-end processors code-named “Cooper Lake / Cedar Island” is built for DL (deep learning), virtual machine (VM) density, in-memory database, MCA (mission-critical applications) and analytics-intensive workloads. The new

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2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

The Future Forward Platform for Agile Digital Services When Intel launched first-generation Xeon Scalable Processors in 2017, they marked not only a new branding for server processors but they also built a new mesh architecture that improved connectivity between the processors’ cores compared to the ring architecture which was previously used for server CPUs. Intel is currently offering third-generation and

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