3 Hot Cisco Catalyst 3750X Series Features You Should Know

Cisco StackPower Technology

Cisco Catalyst 3750X Series are known for their ground-breaking ‘power connect’ feature that allows it to distribute power across the whole stack by unifying all power supplies. This unifying feature allows the individual power supplies to be directed where power is needed the most.

Cisco StackPower

New Cisco StackPower technology

Cisco StackPower technology has been embedded in the Cisco Catalyst Enterprise 3750X and 3560 series. The feature can be enabled by using special connectors with StackPower cables and configuring up to four switches in one stack.

StackPower mode can be deployed either in sharing mode or in power redundancy mode.

In the sharing mode of Cisco Catalyst StackPower feature, the power of all power supplies is aggregated and distributed across the whole stack.

In the power redundancy mode of Cisco Catalyst StackPower 3750X enterprise switches, the power of the largest power supply is held in reserve. It is used to power up the switches in case one of the power supply fails – thus enabling the network to carry out operations without interruptions.

Cisco Catalyst Service Module

In Cisco Catalyst StackPower 3750X Enterprise edition, another notable attribute is the service module feature. This feature offers enhanced security and Flexible NetFlow (FNF) on uplink ports of Catalyst 3750X and 3560X.

The service module Flexible NetFlow allows network administrators to backup IP addresses, the configuration of switches, and switching tables on a memory card. It then exports them back to another switch upon connectivity.

Cisco Catalyst 10G Base-T Module

The 10G Base-T Module allows data transfer rate of 10GB or Giga Ethernet (GE) speed. 10G Base-T Module works on Cisco Catalyst Enterprise switches 3750X and 3560X.

This speed will only work in data centers where the distance is limited to 100meters or less.

These features are available on Cisco WS-C3750X-24T-L and Cisco WS-C3750X-24T-S line of switches.

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