SoDIMMs: How to Buy SoDIMM RAM For Laptop Computers?

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To increase the speed of a computer system, the most important upgrade a user performs is to increase the size of its Random Access Memory (RAM).

RAM is a volatile memory that stores information from the hard disk for the period during which the computer is in operation. As soon as the computer is turned off, the RAM loses all the information stored on it.

To understand it better, here is an analogy.

Think of the computer system as a kitchen slab, the RAM as the fridge and the hard disk drive as a shopping mart. The mart stocks food products for a long period of time. But you cannot go to mart for every product you need, every time you need it as it is a consuming process. Instead, you buy food for a specific time period and keep it in the fridge.

RAM works in a similar fashion. It stores the information from hard disk drive for a specific time period until that information is utilized.

However, a RAM’s ability to store information depends on its size, just as the amount of food a person stores in the fridge depends on its size. To store more food, you will need a bigger fridge. Similarly, to store more information on a RAM, its size needs to be increased.

Here is some basic information to understand the requirement for RAM.

What Type Of RAM Memory Is Installed In My Laptop?


Information about memory can easily be found by installing a program called CPU-Z.

After the program is installed:

  • Open Memory tab
  • Note the settings of the RAM.

How Much RAM Do I Need For My Laptop?


The amount of RAM depends on the type of programs you use on a regular basis. If you are a graphic designer and need heavy computer software including Maya & Zbrush, the amount of RAM you need will be at least 6GB. But if you’re only using MS Office, you’ll be fine with 2GB of RAM as well.

General Memory Statistics for Laptop Computers In 2015

Minimum RAM: 4GB

Recommended RAM: 8GB

Excellent RAM: 16GB

How to Buy Memory for My Laptop?

There are many ecommerce stores selling RAM. But it is important to look for a reliable ecommerce shop when buying RAM for your laptop computer in particular.

You can purchase the RAM reliably from Memory4less.

Our site has specially designed a configurator that will allow you to buy the right memory by just searching the right keyword. For example, Laptop SoDIMM DDR3 memory.

Below is an image that shows up on searching the product.

Laptop DDR3 SODIMM Memory Module

Select a memory module from the listed item details page in order to find its specifications.

Hynix 1GB PC2-4200 DDR2-533MHz non-ECC Unbuffered

After you have checked the specifications of the product you can click on the ‘Add to cart’ button to proceed with the check out.

Shopping Cart Memory4less Buy RAM Module

The RAM will be shipped to you in 3-6 days period. After you have proceeded with the check out successfully.

Once you receive the RAM, you need to unpack and install it in your Laptop computer to check if it works fine.

How to buy Laptop RAM Memory using Memory4less configurator?

There is another easier way to buy compatible memory module for laptop by using its model number. Our RAM configurator can provide you with compatible RAM for your selected model. Just follow the process explained below.

  1. Select your computer manufacture:

1 Memory4less RAM Memory Configurator

We have selected HP as the manufacturer and ‘laptops’ as the main category from the drop down list.

  1. Select the series and the model

After selecting the category, select the series and the model number for which you want the RAM module (as we have selected in the picture provided below).

2 Memory4less RAM Memory Configurator

  1. Select your preferred RAM

Finally you have to select the type and amount of RAM that works with your system.

After a successful selection of Laptop Ram just press the ‘Add to cart’ button so you are redirected to the shopping cart.

3 Memory4less RAM Memory Configurator

The process for installing the RAM is:

  • Open the lid of your Laptop computer by unscrewing it. Please make sure you do not damage any peripherals attached with it.

 photo image004-1.jpg

  • Add Laptop SoDIMM RAM Memory to it by taking out the old module. Note: RAM should be picked out very carefully in order to avoid damage to the PCIe ports.

 photo image001-1.jpg

    • After you have installed the RAM in your computer system, just check  the BIOS to see if the new RAM is working with it properly.

The speed of your laptop computer will increase – depending on the RAM size – after the new RAM has been installed.

However, it should be noted that there are limitations to how much RAM can be increased in a computer system – depending from computer to computer. RAM can only increase information processing time, it cannot guarantee better game play or improved productivity.

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