Top 6 Technology Trends to Look Out For in 2016

The best part about technology is that it doesn’t stand still. Every year, there’s a promise of innovation and betterment. The world is transitioning from web to mobile, and now to Virtual Reality as well. A few years back, web apps, dedicated email services, and SMS messages were huge. The world we see today has rendered these technologies as obsolete (or near-obsolescence).

Much of this change has come about through an upsurge of Mobile Operating Systems. Android and IOS, the key market players, have changed the dynamics of mobile computing altogether.

Tons of apps are now being made for Google Play and IOS app stores on a regular basis. Interestingly, their impact can be felt across all walks of life.

We don’t know for sure what 2016 holds for us, but we can make a wild guess about what the ‘tech’ industry would look like by the end of the year.

1. VR/AR Goes Big!

Mark Zuckerberg predicted last year that humans in near future will be able to communicate through their minds and that the internet will be provided by orbital lasers. Rest assured, this seems to be the reality in the near future.

Virtual Reality

In CES 2016, the world’s annual tech convention, the demand for Virtual Reality seemed to be up by 46 percent. And that’s not all; Facebook is allegedly expected to launch the Oculus Rift on consumer level pretty soon. The best thing about Oculus is that is doesn’t require a smartphone to function, unlike Google’s and Samsung’s VR Gear.

2. Wearables Get Smarter

Wearables are not a novel concept in computer technology; however, the rebranding done by tech giants serves as a major boost to their popularity, indicating that wearables are going to become a norm in the near future.

Last year, Apple launched its wearable tech. The idea was to collect data from users and show it on computer screens, which could further be used by many applications.


At CES this year, around 33 exhibitors displayed their wearable tech –a clear indication that much more has to come in this industry.

Apart from this, wearable tattoos and embeddable chips can’t be ignored. They’ve already been making some noise in the research sector for quite some time now.

Soon, these devices will be able to connect directly to the Internet without the need of a third-party mobile connection. Their built-in circuitry has evolved to such an extent. These built-in circuits can now support RAM, Cache & even processors on a single tiny chip allowing more space for other components.

3. Smart Cars, Smarter Roads

We’ve been hearing about Smart Cars from the last couple of years and have even seen videos of them roaming in California – getting fined by the police. A major breakthrough in this regard is yet to happen.

self driving car


Well, the good news is probably around the corner with Google and Ford negotiating an agreement to build self-driving cars with Google technology. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed for the big news now.

4. Artificial Intelligence: The Robots Rule

Artificial Intelligence is what drives the web, the mobile and now the VR. But do you know it is also making its way into the Robotics sector? The CES 2016 had 23 robotics exhibitors –an increase of 71 percent from last year.

artifical intelligence

A French company is engaged in making a special social robot called BUDDY. It will be able to interact with each member of your family and perform a wide range of tasks.

Once people get to understand the utility of robots, they will start accepting them in everyday life.

5. Self-Charging Phones, Drones and Other Gadgets

There are a couple of other technological breakthroughs that are expected to become mainstream this year. For instance, self-charging phones, which can be charged through WIFI transmitters, will be launched for consumers use. There are certain devices already made for this purpose, including the Qi Wireless device that has pads for charging phones. We’ll see more cut-throat competition building in this area.


On the other hand, while Drones cannot be labelled as the devices of 2016, nevertheless these are already making their way into the mass market. The CES 2016 had tons of new drone designs categorized in search and rescue, tracking and delivery purposes. It is safe to assume there’s a lot of potential in this field. Even, the FAA agrees to give Drones a license to operate.

On the lighter side, recreational activities may become popular once the “licensed” Drone dust settles, predominantly in the form of Drone wars, Drone race and more.

6. Interactive Computers with 3D Camera:

A new mode of computer systems will be replacing the current ones pretty soon. Laptops and Desktops are going to get more interactive and 3D Computer Cameras allowing them to observe and interact with humans on a day-to-day basis.

3D Facial detection computer camera

Intel’s RealSense 3D depth-sensing camera at an Expo

Suppose, you enter your house and the computer monitor in your TV Lounge greets you… how will that sound!

Interactive computers will be able to recognize objects, sounds and sensory inputs through computer vision and complex software systems.

What do you think about our predictions regarding the tech industry? How many of these do you agree with? What more do you think can happen? Let us know in the comments section!

Source: MarketWatch, Business Insider, computerworld

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