Ultimate Decision: Choosing the Best Motherboard for Custom-built PCs

According to the Moore’s law, the speed of processing is increasing every passing moment. Likewise, the complexity of gaming graphics keeps increasing. Most heavy-duty games have extremely high-quality graphics, hence enriching the experience.

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First, there was 8-bit, then 16-bit, then 32-bit and the number just keeps increasing…

This increasing number mandates extra power to be processed, which comes from the RAM and the Cache memory. Needless to say, your motherboard plays an important role in ensuring seamless functionality.

The motherboard is the most critical component of your computer system. Even if you have the best CPU, RAM, Hard Drive, GPU and other essentials; without a quality motherboard, you are limiting your computer’s capabilities.

Therefore, in order to get the most out of your computer system, buying the best motherboard is a good investment.

Here are some guidelines that’ll help you make a well-informed decision about your next gaming motherboard.

Is your CPU Compatible?

First, you need to check if your CPU is compatible with the gaming motherboard you intend to buy. There are many generations of Intel processors & AMD processors, but motherboards can only support certain models of each. So, before making your purchase, make sure the gaming motherboard is actually compatible. If you are buying online, the best way is to ask on tech communities and forums.

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Hint: You can check the processor interface in order to verify the compatibility of the motherboard and the CPU.

Is your RAM Compatible?

Games are power-hungry. They require a large share of memory to run smoothly. These days, most games support DDR3. However, DDR4, supported by the latest generation of motherboards, is also available in the market. You need to make a wise decision whether you want to change the motherboard or just the amount of RAM Memory installed – Check out Top RAM Memory recommendations

Ram Memory

Ports and Other Peripherals

Most motherboards come equipped with enough ports to support peripherals used in day-to-day operations. However, there are special ports, such as ‘Firewire’ used for video editing, for which you might have to upgrade your motherboard. Also, check for PCI express ports if you need to install a graphic card or a dedicated sound card in your system.


When buying a new motherboard for your system, think about the usage of at least two years. For the most part, you’ll stick with your motherboard for at least a year unless you want to resale it immediately. Some of the most trusted motherboards are manufactured by Asus, EVGA, Intel and GigaByte.

The most reliable server motherboards are by Intel, as per some reliable forums. It is closely followed by Asus and Gigabyte.

Server motherboards vary from user to user. Those, who like gaming, opt for gigabyte motherboard however, enterprises prefer intel motherboards because they have more options of customization.

You can check out a few motherboards, ideal for high-performance gaming, on our website.


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