Guide: Building A Dedicated Server For Website Hosting

This guide is for all those enthusiasts who want to build their own dedicated servers so they get free from paying monthly fees of web hosting. Or, those small companies that want to enter the web hosting market and are looking for proper guides that provide all information starting from A to Z.



What are Dedicated Servers?

A dedicated server is basically a computer that is configured for one task. If it is in an office, it is serving the computers, if it is made for hosting a game, it is a game dedicated server. Similarly, companies’ require dedicated servers to host their websites.

These dedicated servers can be managed and unmanaged depending on the company requirements.

Minimum Configuration for Dedicated Servers:

Minimum configuration for dedicated servers vary differently for the type of server you want to build.

dedicated server

Website Hosting Dedicated Server Requirements/Configuration:

The server parts can be purchased directly from Memory4less and you can also avail free shipping on bulk purchase.

After setting-up your dedicated server with the above mentioned configuration. You need to set-up operating system of your choice.

In this guide, we have used Cent OS operating system based on Linux environment. The best thing about this OS is that it is free and can be installed through GUI.

The Guide has been distributed in two sections.

Part 1: Installation of Cent OS server

Part 2: Installation of Apache on Cent OS Server




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