SK Hynix Launched 24GB DDR5 Memory For Cloud Data Centers

SK Hynix Launched 24GB DDR5 Memory For Cloud Data Centers

About SK Hynix Inc.

SK Hynix Inc., is one of the top-tier semiconductor suppliers, globally that offers DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory), CIS (CMOS Image Sensors), and NAND flash (flash memory chips) that cater to different requirements of users across the globe. In 2021, SK Hynix Inc. announced that it has shipped around 24 samples of DDR5 Memory, which is the highest density for a single chip, until now.

SK Hynix 24GB DDR5 SDRAM Memory

SK Hynix has claimed that this 24GB DDR5 memory consists of cutting-edge 1a nano-meter technology that uses EUV (extreme ultraviolet) lithography equipment. One of the interesting facts regarding these chips is that their maximum capacity is usually not divided by two, as the capacity for these modules is increased by doubling whatever the last tier was, which means after the release of 16GB Memory, the users would expect the manufacturers to release 32GB memory chip. But, it will take a bit longer to release, hence, SK Hynix came up with a 24GB memory to cater the requirements of the users meanwhile.

Additionally, it is necessary to note that 24GB DDR5 chips are not RAM modules, entirely but they work as an individual chips on the module. However, the actual Hynix’s product line can come up with the high storage capacity may range up to 48GB to 96GB memory capacity typically suitable for enterprise servers and data centers as they require high-performance hardware followed by high-end servers to be able to process and store intensive data loads in AI, machine learning and other data-intensive applications.

Moreover, this DDR5 memory chip is capable has a density of 16GB in 1ynm DDR5 followed by enhanced speed and efficiency. SK Hynix has further reduced the power consumption by around 25% as compared to the older versions of the DDRs. Also, this reduced power consumption has led to around 33% better efficiency. Moreover, the DDR5 initially, is set to offer 48Gb and 96GB modules that can accommodate cloud data centers, further, it is also expected to power high-performance servers for big data processing, i.e., machine learning, Meta-verse applications, artificial intelligence (AI) and much more.

President and Chief Marketing Officer at SK Hynix further elaborate that with the release of 24GB DDR5, SK Hynix is also connecting with cloud service providers. and they further plan to strengthen their growth by introducing more advanced technologies followed by ESG awareness. Further, The Vice President of Memory, Carolyn Duran announced that SK Hynix and Intel go a long way where the collaborations are concerned, which can also be proven by the current announcement that both the companies are working together to work together to deliver 24GB memory solutions for the users. Therefore, this 24GB DDR5 memory consists of mono die capacity which will not only boost the memory capacity performance during intensive workloads such as data analytics but it will also include TCO benefits.

Hence, as long as compatibility and usage are concerned, no exact timeline can be committed when the regular consumers will be able to use this memory chip as it may take some time due to the component shortages. However, Intel’s Alder Lake Processors are the first ones that can support DDR5 memory. whereas adaptation for every user will take some time.

Where can I find DDR5 online? 

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